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Your favorite feline is your source for furry snuggles, ridiculous antics, and 6 am wakeup calls. What would you ever do without them? Keep your sweet little carnivore healthy with well balanced meat-based cat foods! The list below will help you sort out which cat food is right for your particular kitty.

Nulo Cat Food

Best nutritional balance: Nulo Grain-Free Cat Food with Probiotics

Staff Pick

Nulo cat food boasts over 80% animal-based protein in their dry kibble - higher than most other dry food brands. Since protein is the primary source of nutrition for kitties, a high protein content is better for most cats. Nulo also packs their formula with probiotics and DHA for an excellent nutritional balance.

$23 at Amazon
Weruva Canned Cat Food

Best canned food: Weruva Canned Cat Food Variety Pack

If your feline turns their nose up at dry food, this is a canned food that you can feel good about. Incorporating only ethically-sourced meats, Weruva flavors include combinations of grass-fed beef, cage-free chickens, and dolphin-safe wild tuna. Even better, it's made using human-grade ingredients and processes.

$40 at Amazon
Taste of the Wild for Cats

For the hunter: Taste of the Wild

Do you have a little hunter on your hands? Serve your hunter this gamey combination of venison and wild salmon to appeal to their wilder instincts. Taste of the Wild dry food is also grain-free and supplemented with vegetable-based antioxidants for a balanced diet.

$23 at Amazon
Royal Canin Sensitive Stomach

Colicky kitty's choice: Royal Canin Digest Sensitive Canned Cat Food

The most common ailments that bring cats to the vet include digestive ailments like vomiting. For kitties with tummy troubles or gastro-intestinal issues, Royal Canin's Digest Sensitive formula is specialized to soothe digestive ailments. This canned food is easily absorbed and gentle on sensitive digestive tracts.

$37 at Amazon
Purina Beyond

Best value: Purina Beyond Dry Cat Food

With real whitefish as its first ingredient, Purina Beyond does not sacrifice quality for affordability. Eggs, sweet potato, and natural fish are some of the wholesome foods you'll find in this kibble. It's inexpensive, and cats love it!

$10 at Amazon
CountryPet Catfood

Fresh off the farm: CountryPet Naturals Frozen Cat Food

For the most discerning felines, only the best will do. CountryPet Naturals offers an alternative to traditional cat foods. Using all-natural ingredients, CountryPet ingredients are sourced fresh from organic farms in New Zealand. The purest of foods, this option is entirely free of preservatives, fillers, grains, or additives.

$155 at Amazon
Purina Kitten Chow

Best for baby cats: Purina Kitten Chow

Young kittens need a special formula to best fuel their energetic, growing bodies. Purina kitten chow is a long-time favorite of new kitten owners because it offers complete balanced nutrition for young kitties as they grow, and it's affordable to boot.

$14 at Amazon
Primal freeze dried nuggets

Raw diet: Primal Freeze Dried Cat Food

If your domesticated beasty prefers the taste and texture of raw meat, try these freeze-dried nuggets that are made using natural meats and animal proteins. Offering natural prey flavors like rabbit and quail, your little hunter will think they're dining on a fresh catch.

$41 at Amazon

Once and for meow

If this list doesn't have you licking your chops, your cat will! Our pick (as well as our cats) would have to be the Nulo Grain-Free Cat Food because it uses natural grain-free ingredients and offers a unique combination of probiotics and high protein content.

For the most distinguished, heath-conscious cats, CountryPet Naturals are sourced straight from organic New Zealand farms and formulated without any artificial ingredients or preservatives. Of course, budget is always a concern, so don't forget that Purina Beyond is also a quality option at a great price. A well-fed cat is a happy cat, and one of these options will surely appeal to your feline friend.

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