SHW Home Office Desk Source: SHW

Best Desks for Kids iMore 2022

In this day and age, more and more kids are learning from home. To push their education to a new level, your kids deserve a functional desk in the house. Our favorite, the SHW Triangle-Leg Computer Desk is an excellent choice for kids of all ages. It also works well as a family desk, like some of our other picks below. With all of these desks, you will have plenty of room for a Mac or iPad, in addition to some old-fashioned books. Let's explore some of the best desks for kids.

Best Overall: SHW Triangle-Leg Home Office Computer Desk

SHW Home Office Desk Source: SHW

With a steel frame and powder-coated finish, the SHW Triangle-Leg Home Office Computer Desk is easy to assemble and looks great in any room. Measuring 47.8 inches-by-23.8 inches-by-29 inches, the desk offers grommets on the desktop to better organize your cords and adjustable glides to balance the desk on uneven floors.

Highly rated on Amazon, the SHW desk has a modern look with a work surface that looks like oak. It weighs just under 43 pounds, so it's relatively easy to move to a different location. One important note: this is a modern-looking desk, which might not look right in all homes.


  • Ease to assemble
  • Grommets to organize your cords
  • Lightweight


  • Too modern for some?

Best Overall

SHW Home Office Desk

SHW Triangle-Leg Home Office Computer Desk

Beautifully designed

Here's a desk that will grow with your child. It's perfect for iMac and MacBook users.

Best Alternative: Tribesigns Computer Desk

Tribesigns Computer DeskSource: Tribesigns

With an open-concept design, this modern computer desk is sturdy and offers easy assembly. Like with our top choice, this desk would look great in a bedroom or anywhere else in your home. Measuring 55 inches-by-23.6 inches-by-28.74 inches, the desk weighs 53 pounds and promises installation in less than 20 minutes.

With a thick laminated MDF surface, the desk is waterproof and anti-scratch, making it easy to clean. The frame is made of powder-coated steel over veneered particleboard and comes with adjustable leg pads for stability.

The most significant negative: the surface doesn't offer grommets for cord organization. Otherwise, this desk should serve you and your children well.


  • Easy installation
  • Open-concept design


  • No grommets
  • Heavier than others

Best Alternative

Tribesigns Computer Desk

Tribesigns Computer Desk

A great alternative

There's much to love here, including the open-concept design and modern look.

Best Portable Lap Desk: Mavocraft Lap Desk for Adults & Kids

Mavocraft Lap DeskSource: Mavocraft

This lap desk features a soft cushion (with eco-friendly beans inside) in a lightweight design for adults and kids. In a twist, you can also use it as a pillow for power naps! Use it with an iPad or MacBook Air with ease. At just 2.8 pounds, you can use this throughout the day without any strain on your legs.

Economically priced, the lap desk makes a great gift and can be used inside and out.

Some users on Amazon have complained that the desk isn't ideal for use with larger laptops, even though the manufacturer says it works with devices with up to 16-inch screens. Keep this in mind before making a purchase.


  • Lightweight
  • Use it as a pillow too
  • Fits iPad and MacBook
  • Price


  • Too small for some laptops?

Best Portable Lap Desk

Mavocraft Lap Desk

Mavocraft Lap Desk for Adults & Kids

Comfortable on-your lap solution

Even at bedtime, your child can be learning. Or playing games or watching a movie.

Best for Family: CubiCubi Computer Desk

Cubicubi Computer DeskSource: Cubicubi

Easy to assemble, this rustic-looking desk is one for the entire family. Vintage-style, the desk measures 47 inches-by-23.6 inches-by-29 inches and weighs just 31.1 pounds. The CubiCubi includes many impressive accessories, including a storage bag that hangs on the side, plus an iron hook for a backpack or headset.

Perhaps best of all, the CubiCubi computer desk comes with a clear and well-organized installation guide so that anyone can get the job done. Well received on Amazon, like the other desks listed here, this one will turn many heads on your own because of its design and attention to detail. Just make sure you like the design!


  • Very lightweight
  • Includes great accessories
  • Quick setup


  • Vintage-style not for everyone

Best for Family

Cubicubi Computer Desk

CubiCubi Computer Desk

Useful extras

Lightweight and beautifully designed, this is a desk for everyone in your family.

Best Folding Desk: 4NM Folding Desk

4NM Folding DeskSource: 4NM

Sometimes desks are meant to get packed away when not in use. Consider the 4NM Folding Desk that's available in multiple styles to match your home's decor for moments like these. Versatile enough for a bedroom or home office, the desk features a modern concise look and sturdy metal frame. Once put together, it takes just seconds to fold and unfold.

Measuring 31.5 inches-by-31.5 inches-by-29.72 inches, this desk offers anti-rust metal hinges for smooth operation. It weighs nearly 21 pounds, which might be too heavy for some, given its compact size.


  • Compact design
  • Available in multiple styles


  • Somewhat heavy given its use

Best Folding Desk

4NM Folding Desk

4NM Folding Desk

Fold it up

You're sure to find one of these in a design that matches your tastes. Start looking!

Bottom line

There are many desks available for kids available online. Our favorite, the SHW Triangle-Leg Home Office Computer Desk, is built for durability and flexibility. With grommets to organize annoying cords, the desk will look good in a bedroom or a more open space.

Like other options on our list, the SHW desk is also ideally suited for home office use. Whether you're 10 or 60, it will get the job done today and in the years to come. We're impressed with its easy setup and lightweight design.

If you are looking for a desk that requires no assembly and can be folded up and tucked away when not in use, then check out the 4NM Folding Desk. It's smaller than your average desk, but if space is an issue, and you also need to fit a chair, this is a great choice.

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