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Best Dog Beds iMore 2020

The best dog bed will fit your dog, looks good in your home and is easy to clean. There are specialty beds made for dog breeds and older dogs that are prone to certain diseases like hip dysphoria, arthritis, and joint pain. Here are a handful of options. Our favorite is the Ultimate dog bed by PetFusion because it is stylish, comfortable, easy to clean and perfect for any breed of dog at any stage of life.

Best Overall: PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

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The Ultimate Dog Bed by PetFusion is a good balance of comfort, support, and affordability. It is specifically designed to offer orthopedic support by using memory foam to gently cradle your pooch and keep pressure off aching joints. The surrounding, raised pillows are attached to the bed and give your dog some added support for its head. It comes in several sizes, so you're sure to find one that fits your dog comfortably, and each one comes with thick padding. Most beds easily hold 100 pounds or more. The largest bed is big enough to comfortably hold two dogs without them encroaching on the other's space.

The bed itself isn't machine washable, but the outside cover is. This cover is made from cotton, so it's breathable and comfortable. But it is also lined to make it waterproof. However, this lining is only at the bottom of the cover that lays over the main bedding cushion. While the pillows or arms of the bed are also covered, this area is not lined. Any leakage to this area will require you to hand clean and sanitize those sections.


  • Orthopedic memory foam base
  • Supports several pounds of weight
  • Multiple sizes to choose from


  • Partial waterproof covering

Best Overall

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Simply the best for comfort and support

This large bed is designed to keep your dog comfortable while relieving joint pain and pressure. The cover is machine washable.

Best Value: Animals Favorite Rectangle Bed

Dog bedSource: Animals Favorite

This deep dog bed is designed with high sides and quilted cushions and pillows to help your dog nestle down naturally. It's rectangular to give ample room while also being padded enough for snuggly comfort. It comes in two different sizes that fit medium or large dogs, though both are big enough for two smaller dogs to share. The best part is this bed isn't as expensive as others we looked at, so you can ensure your dog is comfortable while it sleeps, and you don't have to worry about the cost.

The Animals Favorite dog bed doesn't have a removable cover, and the bed itself isn't waterproof. This means you will need to wash the entire bed if it gets dirty. You can pop the whole bed into your washing machine to get clean. However, it is not recommended to be tumble dried. This could cause the bed shape to become distorted or push the cushion padding into large, uncomfortable lumps.


  • Inexpensive
  • Natural nesting
  • Machine washable


  • Not waterproof

Best Value

Animals Favorite Rectangle Bed

Low price, high comfort

This bed encourages your dog to nestle in naturally and is machine washable if it gets soiled. It doesn't have a big price tag.

Best for Large Dogs: Dogbed4less Premium Memory Foam

premiumSource: Dogbed4less

Dogbed4less is an excellent choice for large dogs. It has several sizes that range from 46 inches to 55 inches long and 29 inches to 47 inches wide. The memory foam base cushion offers excellent support for your dog, and the single pillow gives added head support. This bed doesn't have side panels or walls as other more traditional dog beds do. While this doesn't provide as much support or promote natural nesting, it does give your pet more room to stretch out without limiting their area.

The Dogbed4less premium dog bed has two covers that are zipped onto the whole bed. The top layer is made from cotton that allows the bed to breathe and keeps your dog cool. The next layer is a waterproof lining. Both covers are easily removed for washing.


  • Large beds
  • Memory gel cushion
  • Washable covering


  • No sidewalls

Best for Large Dogs

Dogbed4less Premium Memory Foam

Big space for big dogs

This large bed fits really big dogs, plus includes a memory gel cushion and removable coverings that are easily washed.

Best for Small Dogs: The Dog's Balls Orthopedic Bed

orthopedic dog bedSource: The Dog's Balls

The Dog's Bed by The Dog's Balls comes in smaller sizes to fit tiny dogs, but big beds for larger dogs are also available. The inside cushion is made from orthopedic memory foam that is designed to keep your dog aligned and relieve pressure and pain on joints. This bed allows your dog to rest comfortably while giving support to avoid problems with common ailments such as hip dysplasia, torn ligaments, and arthritis.

This dog bed is flat, so there isn't additional head support or padded walls or pillows surrounding the bed. It also isn't washable itself but does have a removable cover that can be tossed into the wash and a waterproof liner to help keep the bed dry. You can choose from nine different cover colors and purchase replacement covers separately.


  • Small enough for toy dog breeds
  • Orthopedic memory foam
  • Choice of washable cover


  • No pillow or head support

Best for Small Dogs

The Dog's Balls Orthopedic Bed

Big support for small dogs

The smallest size of this bed is perfect for small dog breeds. The memory foam relieves joint pain, and the cover is washable.

Best for Older Dogs: Furhaven Couch Pet Bed

sofa dog bedSource: Furhaven

The Furhaven couch bed is low to the ground and has stuffed, supportive rails around three sides to create a sofa-style bed that is especially good for elderly dogs that find it harder to step up into a traditional dog bed. The bottom cushion is made with an egg crate shaped foam that is made from recycled materials. The whole bed is covered with a durable, high quality, and lined material that is easily removed when it needs to be washed.

This bed comes in several different colors and patterns from very neutral to bold and fun. You can also choose the size you need for your dog, though most are made for larger dogs. Because of the filling used, Furhaven doesn't recommend this bed for puppies that are teething or dogs that tend to be chewers.


  • Couch-style design
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Low to ground


  • Not for chewers

Best for Older Dogs

Furhaven Couch Pet Bed

A good option for older dogs

The low height of this sofa-style dog bed makes it an excellent choice for aging dogs that can't step up as high and need joint support.

Best Calming Bed: Hopwin Calming Dog Bed

calming dog bedSource: Hopwin

The round, donut-shaped of this bed is made to help your anxious pet calm down and relax before sleeping. It is covered with a faux fur in one of 15 colors and has a non-skid pad on the bottom to help it stay put. This bed is filled to give both a plush, soft pillow-like feel while also supporting the joints of your dog. When dirty, the whole bed can be placed in your washing machine to be cleaned.

The Hopwin Calming dog bed comes in a few different sizes but is best for small or medium-sized dog breeds. It is not recommended to be used for puppies or dogs that tend to chew. This is because the material of this dog bed is easily ripped through by teeth.


  • Calming design
  • Supportive
  • Machine washable


  • Not for puppies

Best Calming Bed

Hopwin Calming Dog Bed

Supportive and calming

The round design of this dog bed gives enough support to help with orthopedic pain and calming anxiety. It's machine washable.

Best Mat-Style: Best Friends by Sheri Shag Vegan Cuddler

cuddler dog matSource: Best Friends by Sheri

This shag covered dog mat is made from eco-friendly material, so it is safe for both the environment and your dog. The bed is filled enough to give thick comfort while the size and shape make it easy to place anywhere in your home, line a crate, or bring along on trips. The cover is machine washable, which helps keep the whole bed clean.

While the thickness of the Cuddler dog bed is impressive, it does lack more support that tends to help with joint pain. These include memory foam cushions and side rails or pillows.


  • Versatile
  • Easy to transport
  • Fits inside crates


  • No orthopedic supports

Best Mat-Style

Best Friends by Sheri Shag Vegan Cuddler

Versatile and eco-friendly

This dog mat is covered with a shag-style cover that looks good in your home and is machine washable. The bed fits in dog crates.

Best Throw Rug: Fur Accents DogNapper

DogNapperSource: Fur Accents

This mat-style dog bed is designed to look like a fur throw rug, so it brings sophistication and style to your home while doubling as a cozy place for your pet. The DogNapper comes in so many different styles, faux furs, and colors to match your home's decor, but is still comfy padding and a snag-free design. Like regular carpeting, the DogNapper throw rug can be spot treated and vacuumed if needed. However, if you need a deeper clean, this dog bed does need to be dry cleaned.

The DogNapper from Fur Accents is the most expensive dog bed we reviewed. It comes in several sizes to fit in your living space and is a significant investment since it fills two purposes - home decor and dog bed. Despite the high price tag and the inconvenience of dry clean only, the overall look and style of this dog bed are worth it, plus it's really comfortable for your dog and gives them a place to rest while being close to you.


  • Hypoallergenic faux fur
  • Several styles and fur choices
  • Thick padding


  • Very expensive
  • Dry clean only

Best Throw Rug

Fur Accents DogNapper

Style and purpose

This faux fur shaggy rug brings a unique design to your home while also giving your dog a comfy spot to rest and relax.

Why PetFusion is our top pick

PetFusion's Ultimate dog bed is made with 4-inch thick memory foam and three pillowed rails, or bolsters to give both comfort and support to your dog and all its joints and aching parts. The Bolsters can be used as a headrest for your dog or for simply helping him maintain a supportive position without worry of rolling off. The Ultimate dog bed comes in three neutral colors and four sizes to work with any dog breed, including large dogs that weigh 100 pounds or more. Because the cushion is made with a single piece of memory foam, this dog bed is okay for puppies and dog breeds that tend to be prone to chewing. Overall, it's worth the price, which isn't the most expensive dog bed we looked at.

This dog bed is covered with a breathable cotton slip cover that zips into place. It is machine washable and can handle being dried in a standard dryer, too. There is also a waterproof lining that covers the main foam cushion of the bed. However, this lining isn't on the side bolsters. This means if the rails get wet, it will soak into the bed and will need to be spot cleaned. This is the only real negative we see with the PetFusion Ultimate dog bed.

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