Best Fidget Spinners iMore 2020

Whether or not you believe in all the hokum stating that fidget spinners help with focus and all that, they're still the it toy and kids have got to have them. You don't want to buy some cheapo at the convenience store and have it break in a day, though, so here are the best fidget spinners you can buy on Amazon.

Pro stress reliever: Trianium Fidget Spinner Pro

Staff Pick

The Trianium Pro Fidget Spinner is made from a metal-alloy material, which is perfect for those concerned about durability. The company even includes a 1-year warranty if your Trianium Spinner stops spinning for whatever reason.

$14 at Amazon

Solve puzzles and stay relaxed: D-FantiX Floppy Cube Puzzle Spinner

Fidget spinners are awesome, but what about a spinner that transforms into a Rubik's Cube-like box? With the D-FantiX Floppy Cube Puzzle, that's precisely what you get. You can spin this like a regular fidget spinner, or you can fold it up and solve the 1x3x3 cube puzzle with ease.

$14 at Amazon

No boring design here: MAGTIMES Rainbow Fidget Spinner

Get rid of the dull, old, designs from fidget spinners with the MAGTIMES Rainbow Spinner. This offers an awesome rainbow design, along with the ability to spin for up to 5-minutes without stopping.

$12 at Amazon

Classic and no-nonsense: Maxboost Tri-Spinner

The Maxboost Tri-Spinner has your more traditional design while using unique micro-bead bearings for smoother spins. With its design, you can even place it on your desk and let the Maxboost keep spinning if you need to step away for a moment.

$7 at Amazon

Be your own Seeker: Xstar Harry Potter Snitch Spinner

Are you a big Harry Potter fan and want to show off your fandom even more? The Xstar Harry Potter Snitch Spinner is the perfect complement to your collection, as it looks just like the Snitch used during Quidditch matches.

$11 at Amazon

Small and compact: WeFidget Mini The Bar Spinner

Fidget spinners come in many different sizes and colors, but the WeFidget Mini Spinner is small and compact to put in your pocket and not break. This spinner will go for up to 6-minutes and has a replaceable bearing if your wears down.

$15 at Amazon

Calm down with Mjolnir: XStars Thor's Hammer Fidget Spinner

Let's be honest. We aren't Captain America or Thor and can't pick up Mjolnir ourselves, but you can get a little taste with XStars Fidget Spinner. This two-pack includes two versions of Thor's hammer, allowing you to feel like you can stir up your own lightning storm at a moment's notice.

$12 at Amazon

One of a kind: Duomishu Double Pendulum Spinner

Instead of the basic fidget spinner that just goes around in the same direction, Duomishu's Double Pendulum Spinner offers a unique experience. This spinner is based on the Chaos Theory of random motion, meaning that the Duomishu Spinner follows a different path with each spin.

$17 at Amazon

Find the best spinner to pass the time

Despite not being as popular as they were before, it's tough to head into a store without seeing fidget spinners placed upfront. But there are so many better options, which include the Trianium Fidget Spinner Pro. This spinner offers a sleek design with unique bearings and is pre-lubricated so you can start spinning as soon as it arrives.

The combination of premium bearings and a metal frame, along with the built-in balancers mean that you will be able to keep your stress levels down for awhile. Plus, Trianium offers a 1-year warranty if something goes awry with your Fidget Spinner Pro.

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