Best funny t-shirts for St. Patrick's Day iMore 2020

St. Patrick's Day is a great time to get together with your friends and celebrate all things Irish. Before heading to your favorite pub, consider one of these holiday tees and Dilly Dilly!

Are you feeling it?: Tee Luv Lucky Charms

Enjoy the nostalgia of the Lucky Charms logo and retro "Lucky The Leprechaun" mascot with this comfortable soft t-shirt.

From $19 at Amazon

What are you looking at?: Dublin My Vision Drunk Clover

Heads are often spinning by the end of St. Patrick's Day. With this t-shirt, the spinning starts at the beginning.

From $18 at Amazon

Be careful out there: Dear liver Irish St Patrick's Day Drinking Shirt

Because St. Patrick's Day means drinking lots of green beer, consider this t-shirt. Available in various shades of green, plus black, blue, and gray.

$18 at Amazon

For something different: St. Patrick was Italian

St. Patrick was born when the Roman Empire reigned over much of Europe. Hence, the saint was Italian and don't you forget it!

$24 at Amazon

Team up time: Shop4Ever Irish Drinking Team Baseball Shirt

You shouldn't drink alone as this fantastic t-shirt shows. Available in different colors so you can celebrate in style.

From $13 at Amazon

Winter is (finally) coming: GunShowTees Men's That's What I Do

Inspired by Tyrion from "Game of Thrones," this wordy t-shirt is sure to attract lots of eyeballs, no?

$17 at Amazon

How tall can you go?: Feelin Good Tees Tallest Leprechaun

Are you the tallest person in the room? Then you'll enjoy this t-shirt that's also available as a sweatshirt in various colors.

From $8 at Amazon

Meow t-shirt: Cat green t-shirt

Cat lovers will fall for this adorable t-shirt that celebrates the holiday plus your favorite pet.

$23 at Amazon

Annoyingly funny?: Fresh Tees Dilly Dilly

Bud Light fans will want to snag one of these tees that highlight the addictive advertising phrase, Dilly Dilly.

$11 at Amazon

Whether you're a pussy cat or a television warrior, these St. Patrick's Day themed t-shirts should get you in the mood to celebrate. Just leave your seriousness at the door and enjoy!

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