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Best Furby Toys iMore 2022

The Furby was billed as the first electronic robot toy during its initial release in 1998. The Furby heyday continues with these interactive playthings: part stuffed animal, part robot, and all fun! New content continues to be available to the Furby world through the always-updated Furby Connect World app, which means there's always something new to discover in the land of Furbies. Topping the list of our favorites is the Furby Connect Friend. This entertaining, affordable model from Hasbro learns new phrases, interacts with owners and other Furbies, features in-app surprises, and is our top pick for the best Furby toys available today.

Best Overall: Furby Connect Friend

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The Furby Connect Friend is soft and cuddly, just like a stuffed animal, but this little guy (or gal) has a personality to boot. It makes for a great toy or collectible. Furby Connect Friend reacts to being touched, talked to, and even tickled with various movements, words, and expressions. Furby Connect Friend attempts to tell you what it wants and needs using charming words and phrases that will delight kids (and adults). When it's time for bed, place a sleep mask over Furby's eyes, and he's out for the night, or until you remove the eye cover.

Furby Connect World app content is updated regularly, so this little guy is always learning new tricks. Kids six and older will cherish Furby Connect Friend not only for its cuddly cuteness but also for its ability to sing, dance, chatter away, fart, and belch after eating and interact with the entire family. The Furby Connect Friend takes four AA batteries that last for approximately six hours of constant use. If you want the best of the best in Furby toys, this is it.


  • Soft and cuddly
  • Easy on the pocketbook
  • Entertaining
  • Compatible with Kindle Fire (Kids Edition)


  • Battery life
  • Can't sync via Bluetooth with older devices

Best Overall


Furby Connect Friend

You'll fall in love with this funny, cuddly friend

The affordable Furby Connect Friend sings, dances, shows emotions with his eyes, and his phrases will leave you in stitches.

Best for Older Kids: Furby Boom

Furby Boom With Girls On Table LifestyleSource: Furby

This is one of our favorite Furby toys. The Furby Boom is a more advanced model that will remember the name you give it, as well as any other Furby Boom friend it meets. Furby Boom's big draw its ability to hatch virtual babies called Furblings. In fact, you can fill an entire virtual city with Furblings as you seek out the grand prize: the golden Furbling egg.

When used in combination with the free Furby Boom app, you can keep track of your Furby's health, hunger level, and even bathing routine using a built-in monitor. The Furby Boom has five unique personalities, each with its own voice, sayings, and movements. The Furby Boom can even interact with other Furbies. How cool is that?


  • You shape its personality
  • Collect and hatch baby Furblings
  • Can interact with other Furbies


  • Anemic battery life

Best for Older Kids

Furby Boom Teal Render Cropped

Furby Boom

The advanced Furby with multiple personalities

The Furby Boom is interactive fun that's suitable for older kids. It has 5 personalities and an extensive vocabulary.

Best Collectible: Star Wars Furbacca

Furbacca_lifestyleSource: Furby

Star Wars fans unite! The Star Wars Furbacca is a Chewbacca-like Furby that speaks Wookiee, sings and dances to music, eats, sleeps, yawns, and is just about the most adorable thing in the galaxy. Pair Chewie with the free app, and you can explore new galaxies and collect virtual Star Wars Furby Furblings.

The Star Wars Furbacca interacts with other Furbies in the house, so it will talk, wink, blink, sing and dance with your other Furby friends. And in true Chewie-style, this Furby sings Star Wars music and sounds just like the real deal. Furbacca is made for kids six and up but will be a hit and instant collector item for any Star Wars fan.


  • Speaks Wookiee, Furbish, and English
  • Makes Wookie noises
  • Collects virtual Star Wars Furblings


  • Grunts and groans more than it speaks
  • Sucks batteries

Best Collectible

Star Wars Furbacca render

Star Wars Furbacca

The Furby from another galaxy

Star Wars fans unite! Furbacca is a cool toy and collectible, complete with Wookie noises and Star Wars Furblings.

Best Portable Playmate: Furby Party Rockers

Furby Party Rockers LifestyleSource: Furby

Furby Party Rockers creatures are miniature in size and big on entertainment. These show-off worthy pals interact with other Furbies and with people. Tickle your Party Rocker, pet his head, or pull on his tail and watch him move, laugh, and grunt. So much fun!

True to its name, Party Rocker creatures burp and fart. They also make kissing noises, snore, go to sleep, are fluent in English and Furbish, and respond to the sound of your voice and music. With the free app, you can feed your Party Rocker virtual party snacks.


  • Fun for younger kids
  • Interacts with people
  • Inexpensive


  • Does not dance
  • Doesn't do eye expressions

Best Portable Playmate


Furby Party Rockers

Big fun in a small package

They don't have all the tricks up their sleeves as their bigger counterparts do, but they are loads of fun for younger kids

Best Old School: Furby Voodoo Purple

Furby Voodoo Purple is the old school 2012 version that's still wildly popular today and every bit as enjoyable as it was back then. This model was the first to release super-expressive LCD eyes that are now standard in newer releases.

Compatible with iOS and Android apps, Furby Voodoo Purple can adapt its personality to your behavior, be fed virtually, and respond to your movements in Furbish and English, as well as laugh, dance, and sing.


  • Turns itself off after one minute of inactivity
  • Can change his personality based on interaction
  • Communicates with other Furbies


  • Pricey
  • Not as interactive as newer releases

Best Old School

Furby Purple Voodoo

Kickin' it old school

Purple Voodoo is a classic. Tickle its tummy, feed it virtually, and laugh along with his silly comments and expressions

Best Companion Model: Furby Furlings Creature

Furby Furblings Creature LifestyleSource: Furby

The Furby Furblings Creature is a plush rainbow-colored pal that's compatible with your Furby Boom. This companion toy works with the free Furby app, too. By joining the app and your Boom to the Creature, you can hatch and raise virtual Furblings.

This is a small toy that's cute as can be. It's pricey, for sure, but if you already have a Furby Boom, this is a must-have for fans, collectors, and kids. The Furby Furblings Creature is fun all by itself, and it's even more enjoyable when paired with the Furby Boom.


  • Small
  • Easy to take anywhere
  • Communicates with the Furby Boom


  • Expensive

Best Companion Model

Furby Fublings Creature Render Cropped

Furby Furlings Creature

You've got a friend

If you own a Furby Boom, the Furblings are entertaining companion animals that communicate with each other.

Bottom line

The best Furby toy for all ages is the Furby Connect Friend. The cuddle factor of this Furby is off the charts, and its mannerisms and phrasing will entertain the entire family. With an affordable price tag and endless opportunities for new adventures with the free Furby app, this is a toy your kids will never tire of befriending.

Furby battery life can suffer in the hands of those who can't put their Furby down for a nap, and for those Furby owners, we kindly suggest rechargeable batteries. Furbies are every bit as fun today as they were 20 years ago. No matter which Furby you choose, you're guaranteed to have a few belly laughs and tons of fun.

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