Best Half Gallon Water Bottles iMore 2022

For a lot of people, drinking a healthy amount of water each day isn't always so easy alongside a busy life. Instead of taking several trips to the water cooler in the office or picking up bottled water on the go, why not get yourself a reusable bottle that you can take with you everywhere to make sure you get your H2O fix? These are the best half-gallon water bottles available.

Fidus Water Bottle

Stay motivated: Fidus Half Gallon Motivational Water Bottle

Staff Pick

Available in a variety of colors, the Fidus half-gallon bottle makes it easy to know exactly how much water you've had and if you're on track for the day with clear goal markers. Its flip-top lid also closes securely to avoid leaks and its handy carrying handle makes it less of a chore to tote around.

$19 at Amazon
Bottled Joy Half Gallon

Built-in handle: Bottled Joy Half Gallon Water Bottle

The best part about the Bottled Joy half-gallon bottle is its functional design. It's got time markers on the side so you know how much you should have drunk at a glance, plus a built-in handle for carrying around daily. It also has an extra-wide opening for easy filling as well as throwing in ice cubes or protein powders.

$14 at Amazon
Simple Modern Insulated Water Bottle

Keep it cool: Simple Modern Insulated Water Bottle with Straw Lid

With a double-walled, insulated design, the Simple Modern half-gallon bottle can keep your drink cold for hours. It's stainless steel rather than plastic, too, and comes in a bunch of fun styles and patterns. This version comes with a straw lid, though Simple Modern offers a variety of different lid types if you have a strong preference.

$35 at Amazon
Cille Water Bottle

Sport nozzle: Cille Half Gallon Sports Water Bottle

If you want a bottle specifically for sports, this Cille option is ideal for you. It has a sports nozzle which is great for avoiding spills in environments where the bottle might get knocked over, like the gym, and it also features a locking lid that is designed for one-handed operation.

$20 at Amazon
Thermoflask Bottle

Hot or cold: Thermoflask Double Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle

Thermoflask's 64-ounce bottle is double-insulated so can keep your cold drinks cold for 24 hours or hot drinks hot for 12 hours. It also comes with two different leak-proof lids, one for sipping and one for chugging. Each lid features a built-in handle, too.

$40 at Amazon
H2o Capsule

Built-in storage: H2O Capsule Half Gallon Water Bottle with Storage Sleeve

When you're moving around the gym, you likely have a bunch of stuff to tote around — your phone, key, cards, headphones, and water bottle, to name a few. Well, the H2O Capsule bottle features a built-in storage sleeve so you only have one thing to place down between machines. Various colors are available.

$30 at Amazon

Stay hydrated

We all need to drink more water but remembering to do it is harder than it looks. That's why we've picked Fidus half-gallon water bottle as the best half-gallon bottle as it makes it super easy to keep track of your water intake and stay motivated to reach your goal each day.

If you want an insulated option, Simple Modern's half-gallon bottle is a popular choice and comes in tons of colors and patterns to suit your style. The H2O Capsule is also a unique choice with its built-in storage that would work great for toting things around the gym.

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