Best HomeKit smoke and CO detectors for the Home app in 2023

The best HomeKit Smoke and Carbon monoxide detectors are going to make your house safer, adding vital alarm systems to your smart home. If your old Smoke detector is on the fritz or that 10-year mark is coming up, then maybe it's time to upgrade. 

These will connect to the Apple Home App to automate your alarms. You can even have things turned off when the alarms go off, such as fans or other equipment that might spread fire. Or all the lights come on so that you can get out of the house faster. You'll receive notifications on your phone as well, so you know what's happening while you're out. Some are plug-and-play as well, so you don't have to worry about wiring them in. Here are our picks for the best HomeKit smoke and CO detectors for the Home app.

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Safety first with the best HomeKit smoke detectors for the Home app

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The best HomeKit smoke detectors for the Home app allow you to get notifications when a dangerous situation occurs and so much more. HomeKit smoke and CO detectors integrate with other accessories to automatically turn on your smart light bulbs when smoke is in the air, which can help guide you and your family to safety.

Are you looking for the absolute best HomeKit smoke detector for the Home app? Then look no further than the OneLink Safe and Sound. This feature-rich accessory includes an AirPlay 2 speaker, Amazon's Alexa, a customizable LED nightlight, and an interconnectivity function that extends its smart capabilities to all of your existing smoke and CO detectors.

Do you need to add a smoke and CO detector to a room without existing wiring? Then the OneLink Battery-Powered Smoke and CO Detector is your best bet. This unit looks like a typical smoke detector, but it comes with replaceable batteries that last up to five years and can mount just about anywhere. If you don't mind doing some hardwiring yourself, then the Hardwire version is also a great option.

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