Your Homekit smart home security options are limited, here are the devices we recommend looking for this Prime Day

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Homekit, Apple’s own smart home standard, is great but can be pretty limiting. There’s nothing worse than shelling out hundreds on some new smart device, only to find out it doesn’t work with everything else you have. Without compatibility with Homekit, you have to get a new hub for the specific devices you buy and will have even more to keep track of. For this reason, despite the pain of getting the right devices, it is worth making sure your home security systems are Homekit compatible. With Amazon Prime Day set to kick off from July 16 to July 17, now is the perfect time to get that order ready. 

If you struggle to spot the difference between a eufy or Blink and Aqara or Ultraloq, here are the best Homekit-compatible smart home security options we recommend keeping an eye on as Prime Day arrives. 

A smarter home

Eufy Security cam kit |$239.99$199.99 at Amazon

Eufy Security cam kit | $239.99 $199.99 at Amazon

$40 off is a pretty sweet deal and worth considering, even before the official start of Amazon Prime Day. Coming with 180 days of battery life from each of the two cameras, and a local storage device capable of up to three months of recordings, this is a great option for any smart home. As you might expect, it is also Homekit compatible for seamless integration. 

Aqara smart lock |$229.99$189.99 at Amazon

Aqara smart lock | $229.99 $189.99 at Amazon

With a passcode, fingerprint scanner, and support for Homekit, this smart lock is very smart. You never have to worry about leaving your keys behind ever again. As long as you bring your iPhone, Apple Watch, or thumb with you, you are good to go. On sale right now, this is a good price, though not the best we’ve ever seen on it. You will need the smart hub to enable automation with Aqara’s smart lock but you can get a bundle with both the lock and hub for the same price right now. 

ecobee smart video doorbell | $159.99$139.99 at Amazon

ecobee smart video doorbell | $159.99 $139.99 at Amazon

A smart video doorbell is particularly good for when you are away from home and waiting for packages, but is also good for checking who’s at the door before you answer. The ecobee video doorbell is capable of showing a head-to-toe view of your visitor and can store videos for up to 30 days. At just $20 above its lowest-ever price, this is already a steal, and it could get better when Prime Day rolls around. 

VOCOlinc contact sensor | $21.99 at Amazon

VOCOlinc contact sensor | $21.99 at Amazon

A very DIY approach to home security, this VOCOlinc device can connect to HomeKit and let you know whenever an intruder walks by. Good for placing near windows and open doors, this will alert you on your iPhone when there’s movement and is super easy to install. These are well worth picking up on Prime Day

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