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Best Kettlebells iMore 2022

Kettlebells are a different type of exercise device that gives you the work out benefits of both a barbell and free weights. Typically, you only use one kettlebell during your work out, and they come in different sizes, usually ranging between 10 pounds and 50 pounds, though some can be as massive as 80 pounds. Our top pick for the best kettlebells is from Yes4All. These are made with cast iron, so there isn't a worry about them breaking or wearing down. But each is also coated with a vinyl finish to help protect your floors as they sit on them. Also, the overall value of each Yes4All kettlebell is pretty decent to give you a good workout without costing too much.

Best Overall: Yes4All

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Yes4All kettlebells are single cast iron pieces dipped in a vinyl coating to prevent damage to your floors. Kettlebells come in 10 different weights, starting at five pounds and going up to 50 pounds. The vinyl color for all of them is the same - blue - so there isn't any way to tell one weight from another based on a color-coding system. The weight of each is clearly marked on the side of each kettlebell, though. These kettlebells have wide handles so you can do both single and double-handed exercises. The bottom of the kettlebells is flat to make them secure while on the ground.

The vinyl covering doesn't cover the handles. The handles are smooth with no sharp points or seams and are coated with an enamel finish that isn't prone to slipping when wet. However, vinyl is prone to cracking. Yes4All does have a year warranty on its kettlebells, so you can get a replacement if the vinyl on your weight breaks.


  • Ten different weights
  • Vinyl coated for protection
  • Large handles


  • No color coding
  • Vinyl is prone to cracks

Best Overall



Number one for kettlebells

Yes4All kettlebells are designed to be used by anyone, from beginner to expert, with a good range of available weights.

Trainer Set: Tone Fitness

coating and handleSource: Tone Fitness

This kettlebell set is a great way for beginners to start building up their strength and stamina. The Tone Fitness comes with three different sized kettlebells - five pounds, 10 pounds, and 15 pounds. There is an option to purchase this set with a weight-training DVD to help you learn different exercises and techniques for working out various muscle groups in the most effective way. These are also good to use for cross-training. Each kettlebell has an extra-wide handle opening and a flat bottom. This gives you more stability in every exercise you do.

The Tone Fitness kettlebells are made with cement covered with a soft vinyl coating. This is a more economical choice compared to cast iron, but it also isn't as long-lasting. Dropped concrete may not cause as much damage to your floors, but enough dropping will damage the kettlebell itself, and not just the vinyl coating.


  • Three weight set
  • Extra-wide handle openings
  • Soft vinyl coating


  • Prone to damage
  • Made with concrete and not metal

Trainer Set

trainer set

Tone Fitness

Excellent choice for beginners

The Tone Fitness set comes with three different kettlebells ranging between five pounds and 15 pounds for building stamina.

Enamel Coated: CAP Barbell

coating and handleSource: CAP Barbell

The entire CAP Barbell kettlebell is cast, including the handle, so you don't have to worry about screws or a welded piece coming loose. The cast-iron weight is then powder coated to give you a better grip and provide some protection. The bottom is flat to provide you with more exercises to do, like planks and handstands while giving you stability. It comes in 12 different sizes that range between 10 pounds and an impressive 80 pounds, the most massive weight of any kettlebell we looked at. The handle can accommodate one or two hands, depending on the weight of the kettlebell you choose.

The enamel coating of the CAP Barbell kettlebell isn't smooth. Instead, it adheres to the shape of the bell and covers any naturally occurring groves or bumps to keep them more comfortable in your hands while working out. This coating does chip when the kettlebell is tossed or dropped on hard surfaces or in sand. And it is heavy and solid enough to damage the flooring. To avoid this, you can use and place weights on an exercise or yoga mat to help cushion any falls and reduce abrasions.


  • 80-pound weight available
  • Flat bottom
  • Fully casted


  • Enamel chips
  • Can damage flooring

Enamel Coated


CAP Barbell

Available in 80-pound weight

The enamel coating of the CAP Barbell kettlebells provides comfort while the flat bottom offers stability during your workout.

Vinyl Coated: GoFit

coating and handleSource: GoFit

The GoFit kettlebells are a solid cast iron piece that has been dipped in vinyl to form a protective coating over the bell. This helps keep the weight from scratching or damaging your floors. GoFit has seven different weights available from seven-pound to 45 pounds. The handles of all GoFit kettlebells are extra wide, so it's easy to work out with one hand or two. GoFit includes a workout DVD to help you with your exercise routine.

Because the vinyl only covers the bottom part, the handles of these kettlebells are still rough and cold. There is an enamel coating to help protect your hands, but this isn't as soft or comfortable as vinyl. Also, vinyl can break or wear down after some use. But even without this protective coating, the GoFit kettlebell is still effective. It just won't be as safe on your floors.


  • Vinyl coating
  • Seven different weight levels
  • Includes workout DVD


  • Handle not covered
  • Vinyl is prone to wear

Vinyl Coated



Strength training with extra protection

GoFit kettlebells are dipped in vinyl to help protect your floors while the cast iron bell remains strong to last a long time.

Neoprene Coated: GYMENIST

coating and handleSource: GYMENIST

GYMENIST covers its cast-iron kettlebells with neoprene, a waterproof synthetic rubber. This coating gives excellent protection to your floors in case the bell is dropped. The different colors of the coatings also tell you quickly which weight you're grabbing. Kettlebells come in 10 different sizes, starting at five pounds and going up to 50. Unlike other companies that increase their kettlebell weights by five-pound increments, GYMENIST includes in-between weights, like 18 pounds.

The neoprene coating doesn't cover the handle of the GYMENIST kettlebells, which are coated with an enamel finish. However, each bell comes with a warning based on California's Proposition 65. This concern is because neoprene contains chloroprene, a chemical that is known to cause cancer. But it isn't clear if it is as dangerous when mixed with other substances to create neoprene.


  • Ten weight sizes
  • Color-coded
  • Waterproof


  • Cancer warning

Neoprene Coated



Low cost, high results

These kettlebells are covered with neoprene that is wet resistant and lasts longer than vinyl. They come in 10 different weights.

Soft Body: Bionic Body

coating and handleSource: Bionic Body

The Bionic Body soft body kettlebell is filled with sand and steel power, which makes it quieter and safer if it is accidentally dropped on your floor. Many workout enthusiasts prefer the softer body of this kettlebell for heavier weights while using solid kettlebells at lower weights. The Bionic Body has an unbalanced center of gravity for a unique workout. You can choose from seven different weights ranging from 10 pounds to 40 pounds. The weights go up in five-pound increments. The large handle of this kettlebell easily fits both hands for two-handed exercises and is made from cast iron for durability.

While the body of the Bionic Body kettlebell is packed well enough that the filling creates a substantial weight, it will spill if the body is somehow punctured. This isn't easy to do, however. And it does come with a limited two-year warranty if something does go wrong with your kettlebell.


  • Soft on floors
  • Uncentered point of gravity
  • Two-year warranty


  • Can be punctured
  • Not solidly built
  • Not available in weights over 40 pounds

Soft Body


Bionic Body

Easy on your floors

This soft body kettlebell won't scratch, dent, or damage floors as it's placed or dropped on them. It includes a two-year warranty.

Conversion Kit: Kettle Gryp

handleSource: Kettle Gryp

This device turns any of your existing dumbbells into a kettlebell. The Kettle Gryp opens like a crocodile mouth. You set your weight in the grove, then close the Gryp and lock it into place. The Kettle Gryp can handle weights up to 55 pounds and works with weights that have either metal or coated handles. The weight groove has a rubber coating that keeps your dumbbell in place. The handle is wide enough for single or double-handed workouts.

The Kettle Gryp is just the handle, so it doesn't come with any dumbbells. The handle is secured in place using a tongue in groove type mechanism that snaps into place. There is a possibility of these clasps becoming loose, worn, or breaking when opening or closing the Gryp. The price of the Kettle Gryp is about the same as a single kettlebell, so if you only need one, it may be better to purchase the one kettlebell you need


  • Portable
  • Holds up to 55-pound weights
  • Space saver


  • No weights included
  • Plastic pieces can break
  • Expensive

Conversion Kit

adjustable handle

Kettle Gryp

Make your own kettlebells

The Kettle Gryp turns existing dumbbells into a kettlebell. This cuts down on the number of weights needed for a diverse workout.

Bottom line

Yes4All is a well-known brand in the weight-lifting industry. It offers the best kettlebells that are made from cast iron and built to last. The vinyl coating on the bell part helps protect your floors from scratches during flow exercises. You can choose from 10 different weights, and each bell is priced reasonably.

The highest weight available from Yes4All is 50 pounds. This weight is plenty for most people looking to have a good workout. But if you are cross-training or building up to a higher weight level, look at CAP Barbell. This company has kettlebells up to 80 pounds. However, while these kettlebells are made from cast iron, too, they are finished with an enamel coating that doesn't offer any protection to your home floors.

Yes4All kettlebellsSource: Amazon

Enamel vs. Vinyl vs. Neoprene Coatings

Kettlebells are typically covered in one, or a combination of three finishes – enamel, vinyl or neoprene. Here is a little bit about each one.

Enamel starts as a powder that is mixed with a liquid to create a paint. A casted kettlebell is dipped into the wet enamel to cover all metal. The enamel is only a thin finish – you can still feel any ridges or grooves, but it also gives enough protection so that your hands don't slip during a workout. In fact, because of how well of a grip it gives, even kettlebells with other finishes are first dipped in enamel then coated with another substance, but the handle is left with just the enamel finish. Enamel is easily chipped when rubbed or dropped on sandy or hard surfaces. And once cracked, the metal underneath is prone to rust if it gets wet.

Vinyl is a synthetic plastic that is also known as PVC. It is often used to make pipes. But when heated, it becomes stretchy and easily used in other products. Vinyl dipped kettlebells give it a smooth, glossy finish that helps protect your floor if the weight is accidentally dropped. It also helps a brand color-coat different weight classes. A lot of brands, like GYMENIST, will use a different color vinyl to make it easier to distinguish between its 10-pound, 25-pound and 40-pound weights, and everything in between.

Because vinyl is slippery when it gets wet, it isn't used to coat the handles of kettlebells very often, unless they are lower weights. This cuts down on the possibility of a weight slipping from your hands during a workout and causing injury. Vinyl is prone to scratching and breaking if enough force is allied, or after enough general use. This is one reason why weights are first dipped in enamel to give an added layer of protection.

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber. Unlike vinyl, neoprene has a more matte finish, plus it's waterproof. Is it one of the primary materials used in wetsuits. Like vinyl, neoprene on kettlebells is often used to color-code different weights. And while it is waterproof, most manufacturers still don't dip the handles of their kettlebells in it, instead opting to keep the enamel finish for a better grip. Neoprene doesn't break or scratch off as easily as vinyl, which makes it a better, long-lasting finish.

It is important to note that neoprene is a polymer of chloroprene. This means that in its molecular make-up, several parts are chloroprene-based. Chloroprene by itself is known to cause cancer, though scientists haven't been able to fully confirm that polymers that use chloroprene do, too. Even so, California requires products made with chloroprene, including neoprene, to have a warning label cautioning consumers about the potential risk if used.

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