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Maintaining the best lawn on the block requires a bit of dedication, though with the right tools, landscaping isn't as difficult as you might think. Keeping your flower beds and garden weed-free is just as important as keeping grass from growing in between your river rocks or mulch. Luckily, landscape edging kits help you create a border around centerpieces in your yard for a more organized and well-kept look. Best of all, they come in a myriad of styles and sizes.

Dimex Landshark Poundin Landscape Edging

Anyone's DIY project: Dimex EasyFlex Pound-in Landscape Edging Project Kit

Staff Pick

Dimex's EasyFlex Landscape Edging Kit is simple enough for anyone to set up. It includes 20 feet of black landscape edging featuring a serrated edge that makes it easy to push into the ground with minimal prep work. You can cut it down to size or join multiple kits together if you need a larger design.

$20 at Amazon
True Form Plastic Flex Wall Landscape Edging

Brick by brick: True Form Plastic Flex-Wall Landscape Edging

With its heavy-duty roto-molded construction, this flex-wall landscape edging kit from Garden Elements offers one of the sturdiest designs around. It comes in packs of four with each section measuring four feet in length, though single 4-foot sections can be purchased separately as well.

$150 at Amazon
Master Mark Terrace Board Landscape Edging

Get the look: Master Mark Terrace Board Landscape Edging

This 40-foot Terrace Board kit features a textured look that adds a bit more style than the simple black options offer. It's constructed with strong, recycled plastic and is better suited for curvy designs rather than straight lines.

$29 at Amazon
Dimex Edgepro Landscape Edging Kit

Commercial grade: Dimex EasyFlex No-Dig Plastic Landscape Edging Kit

There's no need to hire a professional or even start digging yourself when it comes to Dimex's EasyFlex Landscape Edging Kit. This kit makes installation easy and comes with 40 feet of black landscape edging that's just 1.5 inches tall. Like Dimex's other models, this kit can be cut to size or joined with another to make it longer.

$27 at Amazon
Grass Barrier Landscape Edging

Above or below: Grass Barrier Landscape Edging

Grass Barrier is designed to be used below ground to protect your garden or other landscaping elements from grass and other invading roots, though it's also handy to use above ground to create defined grass lines and keep any mulch or gravel in your yard from becoming an unruly mess.

$62 at Amazon
Amazon Basics Landscape Edging Coil

Recycled pick: Amazon Basics Landscape Edging Coil

Made of recycled plastic, this landscape edging coil by Amazon Basics features a faux woodgrain texture and color for a natural look. It's flexible so you can easily create curves or boxes. Plus, a set of matching stakes are included with the purchase.

$29 at Amazon

Edging out the competition...

Before you run off to buy a landscape border, you'll need to keep a few things in mind. It's extremely important to know how long of a border you'll need, as well as taking into consideration how tall you want it to be and which style would fit your lawn or garden best. While some edging kits have borders standing as high as five inches tall, other options are just an inch tall. The border you decide on can dramatically affect the look of your yard, so you'll want to be thoughtful when selecting your pick.

The Dimex EasyFlex Pound-In Plastic Landscape Edging Project Kit is one of the best options out there. It's simple to install and measures just under 5 inches tall. You can join multiple kits together to make it longer or cut it down to size if 20 feet is too long. Best of all, it's flexible enough to curve around your yard with ease and takes minimal prep work to get into the ground. Then again, the Grass Barrier Landscape Edging Kit is another worthwhile pick that offers even more versatility; this border works above and below ground to retain mulch, gravel, or soil in its designated area while protecting against grass and other invading roots which could otherwise grow in from below.

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