Threes for iPhone

Looking for a few brain-teasers on your iPhone? You've come to the right place. These are the very best puzzle games you can load onto your iPhone 6, 6 Plus, or whatever else you've got in your pocket. There's a healthy dose of physics games here, but many other puzzler permutations can be found on our top ten list.

As always, we're eager to hear your favorite puzzle games, so please leave a comment with your favorites. We've also rounded up some of the best free iPhone puzzle games elsewhere if you're looking for something a little different. Without further ado, here are our top puzzle games for iPhone.

1. The Room Two

The Room Two takes players on a dark journey in figuring out how to open a variety of puzzle boxes. In the process, you'll learn about an otherworldly power that maybe shouldn't be in the hands of mere men. The process for unlocking these boxes is entirely non-linear and will require a lot of left-field thinking. For a relatively static game, the graphics in the Room are extremely well-crafted and set a particularly tense mood.

The Room Two delivers equal measures of spookiness and challenge.