Candy Crush Saga — Everything you need to know!

Candy Crush Saga is a massively successful, casual puzzle-like game that has spawned two spin-off games and countless copycats. The game itself is incredibly simple, making it a staple time-waster on many people's iPhones and iPads.

If you're just entering the world of Candy Crush Saga and you're trying to figure out if the game is worth a download, here's everything you need to know!

The objective

Candy Crush Saga is pretty straightforward. You win each level by completing its goal, which is usually limited by the number of moves you're allowed to perform.

Most of the early levels just require you to get a certain number of points, but as you progress through the game, you'll need to complete other objectives like clearing all the Jelly.

How to score points

You score points by crushing candies, which is to say, lining up at least three in a row of the same type of candy. The more candy you crush, the higher your score will go.

How to clear jelly and other obstacles

Clearing jelly and other obstacles is as simple as crushing candy over the spot where the jelly or obstacles rest.

Some obstacles later in the game take more than one crush to remove.

Special candies

When you combine four or more candies, you will receive a special candy that you can then match with other candies of the same type to activate special abilities, allowing you to clear more candies at once.

You can even match two special candies — even if they are a different type — to activate multiple effects at once. It's usually a good idea to do this whenever you can, so you can collect points more quickly!


If you fail to complete an objective in a level, you will lose a life. You start with five lives, and each time you lose one, it takes 30 minutes to replenish.

Once you are out of lives, you won't be able to continue playing the game until you've replenished at least one life.

You can also refill lives by spending gold, which you have to buy with real money.


There is one premium currency in Candy Crush Saga, and that's gold. You can buy gold for real money from the Candy Shop — the in-app store.


Candy Crush Saga is equal parts strategy and luck. Each level is randomly generated, so even if you play the same level back-to-back, you'll get different results.

That doesn't mean there aren't a few tricks you can employ to get the most out of the hand you're dealt!

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