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Ever since Nickelodeon popularized slime as a plaything back in the 1990s, kids have been obsessed with it in all its forms. Fluffy slime, sandy slime, sticky slime - there's no end of ways to make it and play with it. Here we've mapped out the best brands of slime and DIY slime kits that kids love.

Elmers Celebration Slime Kit

Best DIY slime kit: Elmer's Celebration Slime Kit

Staff Pick

Most kids enjoy making slime as much as playing with it, which is why DIY slime kits are so popular. And when it comes to slime, Elmer's just does it best. Elmer's Celebration Slime Kit comes with supplies to make ten different slimes. Kids can choose between five different colors and a variety of textures, such as foamy or glitter slime.

$22 at Amazon
Cutie Tootie Surprise

Slimy surprise: Poopsie Cutie Tooties Surprise Slime

Surprise unboxing experiences are all the rage, no less so when the surprise is slime! Inside each Poopsie Cutie Tooties Surprise your child will find a unique slime with a Cutie Tootie character hiding inside it. There are over 25 different types of slime and characters to unbox.

$10 at Amazon
Color Changing Putty Slime

Magical properties: Color Changing Slime

Just like magic! This slime will change colors as your child plays with it, from purple to blue! It's not really magic, but a heat-sensitive polymer in the slime that changes colors as it becomes warm in kids' hands.

$9 at Amazon
National Geographic Slime Kit

An educational experience: National Geographic Mega Slime Kit

Did you know that slime could be educational? It certainly can be when National Geographic gets involved. This slime kit includes eight different kinds of slime and putty, each with unique properties. Also, each slime comes with materials that explain how it works and the science behind the different properties of each oozy substance.

$29 at Amazon

Sandy kinetic slime: SLIMYSAND by Horizon Group USA

This delightful substance is like a lovechild between kinetic sand and slime. The stretchy, sandy slime is less messy than either of its predecessors, so parents love it too! Kids can use to mold shapes, build sandcastles, or just to stretch and squeeze.

$8 at Amazon
Jell O Monster Unicorn Edible Slime

Best edible slime: JELL-O Monster & Unicorn Edible Slime Pack

Are you tired of telling toddlers not to eat the slime? Well, now you don't have to! JELL-O brings us tasty, edible, gelatin slime! It's the best of every world, and kids love to help make it.

$22 at Amazon
Arfun Magnetic Slime

Best for therapeutic use: Arfun 2-Pack Magnetic Slime

More of a putty than a slime, the magnetic, non-sticky qualities of this slime from Arfun make it an excellent therapeutic treatment for stress and anxiety. Both kids and adults will find the texture soothing, as well as the many ways the slime interacts with magnets.

$13 at Amazon
Amazetoy Fluffy Slime

Less mess: Amazetoy Fluffy Slime

Big, fluffy, and much less messy! Amazetoy Fluffy Slime has a lovely cloud-like texture that kids can't get enough of. Even better, it's not as sticky and messy as other slimes, so parents love it too.

$7 at Amazon

Slimy Summary

If you never realized the vast array of slimy options that were available to you, it's time to start shopping for your kids' favorite kinds of slime. Our pick would have to be the Elmer's Celebration Kit since it provides kids with the supplies to make up to 10 different slimes in different colors and textures.

If a therapeutic slime was what you had in mind, for stress and anxiety relief, check out the Arfun Magnetic Slime, which has been recommended by doctors for its soothing qualities. Parents might prefer the Amazetoy Fluffy Slime, on the other hand, since it tends to be less messy than some other options.

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