Best Smart Locks for Airbnbs iMore 2019

If you rent out your property to others using Airbnb, you want an easy, yet still secure way for your guests to be able to enter your home. Modern smart locks make this simple, with a number of available models offering guest modes that allow you to extend lock access privileges to guests for a limited time, such as the length of their stay. These are the best smart locks you can get for your Airbnb right now.

All the control you could want: August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

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August's flagship lock works with both Z-Wave and HomeKit-based smart home system, and allows you to easily extend access to guests through the August smartphone app. Though available without it, you'll want to get the model with the included August Connect Wi-Fi bridge, which allows remote access directly to your lock in case you need it.

$215 at Amazon

No HomeKit, still great: August Smart Lock + Connect

Though it doesn't support HomeKit or Z-Wave, August's basic smart lock is nevertheless a capable option for Airbnb hosts. Again, you'll want to pick up the model with the included August Connect for remote access, though it also allows you to control the lock using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

$180 at Amazon

Establishment + Upstart: Nest x Yale with Nest Connect

Yale is a name you'll probably recognize if you've ever purchased a standard lock, while Nest is relatively new to home security. This keypad lock allows you to create codes for specific guests to let them in. The bundled Nest Connect allows your lock to communicate with your Wi-Fi network, allowing you remote access.

$275 at Amazon

Ride the Z-Wave: Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot

As the name suggests, the Camelot lock works with the Z-Wave smart home protocol. The Camelot allows you to generate codes for your guests, in addition to your own code. Small note, though: guest codes for this lock will need to be the same length as your own entry code.

$155 at Amazon

Touchscreen security: Kwikset Premis

This HomeKit-compatible smart lock from Kwikset features both standard key entry and a touchscreen number pad to enter codes. Create multiple codes, quickly delete all codes if needed, and even set the Premis to automatically lock after 30 seconds so you never need to remember to lock your door yourself.

$200 at Amazon

If I was getting a smart lock for an Airbnb, I'd pick up the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect. It's got everything you would want in a smart lock, working with HomeKit, Z-Wave, Alexa, and Google Assistant. There's a reason that we named it the best smart lock, after all. You can access the lock locally over Bluetooth if you don't want to deal with a whole smart home system. And of course, the Connect allows you remote access if you need it.

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