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Best Smart Nightlights for Babies in 2022

Fisher Price Smartconnect Delux Soother Lifestyle
Fisher Price Smartconnect Delux Soother Lifestyle (Image credit: Fisher-Price SmartConnect Deluxe Soother in a nursery setting)

Nightlights have certainly come a long way from the tiny lamp with a physical switch and an incandescent light bulb. There are so many cool options now, some with pretty colors and patterns, fun shapes, auto-on/off, the ability to control your child's nightlight from your phone, and more. Here's some of our favorites that go above and beyond the traditional nightlight.

More than just lights

Smart nightlights offer so much more than the old school lights of the past. These handy accessories can now display colors on demand, project playful scenes, and send alerts the moment an issue is detected. The Hatch Baby Rest Nightlight (opens in new tab) is a sleek tableside companion with app controls to help soothe your little one at night, and its sleep routines feature establish healthy habits as your child grows.

If you are just starting out with setting up your nursery, then the Arlo Baby (opens in new tab) should definitely be on your list. This all-in-one smart accessory includes all of the essentials: a camera, two-way audio, lullaby capabilitiy, air quality monitoring, and a colorful nightlight. You can even dial up the fun by dressing up this camera with various outfits like bunny ears.

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