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Brewing a cup of tea doesn't need to be a messy chore. Keep your tea bag under control with a tea bag holder. Whether you're looking for something to hold your tea bag securely while your tea steeps or you need a place to rest the wet bag when you're done steeping, we've got you covered. This is your ultimate guide to tea bag holders.

Quadruple duty: Primula Tea Bag Buddy

Staff Pick

This simple but convenient gadget serves four purposes. It holds your tea bag securely while your tea brews. Since it covers the mug like a lid, it also helps keep your tea warm as it brews. When you're done brewing, use it to squeeze the bag, so you don't waste a drop of tea. Then set it on your counter with the tea bag on top; it'll hold it neatly until you're ready to clean up.

Double duty: Coolrunner Cute Rabbit Tea Bag Holder

This adorable bunny does double duty, serving as both a secure grip for your tea bag while it brews and a saucer to hold your used tea bag when it's done. You get four (different colors) in a package, so it's a bargain to boot.

$7 at Amazon

Fishing for tea: Kikkerland Tea Holder Fishermen

These ridiculously cute fishermen (and women) perch on the edge of your teacup. Rest the string of your tea bag to their hooks. Be amused while your tea brews; it looks like these little folks are fishing for your tea bag. You get a set of four different people.

$15 at Amazon

Tea themed: Cornucopia Brands White Ceramic Tea Bag Coasters

Looking like tiny teapots, these tiny tea bag holders fit the tea theme. Place your tea bag, tea ball, or teaspoon on one of these ceramic coasters after you're done brewing to avoid a mess on the counter. You get four identical coasters in a package.

$13 at Amazon

Storage solution: Katai Spinning Tea Storage Carousel with 4 Tea Bag Holders

What you're really paying for here is the tea storage caddy organizer, but the package also includes four tea bags holding snails. Perch a little snail on your mug, and it will hold your tea bag securely while it brews.

$18 at Amazon

Built-in bag holder: Volar Ideas Elephant Tea Mug

You'll never forget where you left your used tea bag when you use this elephant mug. Just tuck it neatly in the provided spot when you're done brewing. This would also make a great gift for a white elephant gift exchange.

Brand name option: Le Creuset Cerise Cherry Stoneware Tea Bag Holder

Yes, this is pricey for a single teapot-shaped coaster to hold your used tea bag. But if your kitchen is already outfitted with high-end Le Creuset Stoneware, this tea bag holder will be the perfect cherry on top.

Simply elegant: HIC Harold Import Co. Leaf-Shaped Tea Bag Caddy

This charming leaf could be used as a spoon rest, a lemon wedge server, or anything else. While it's a called tea bag caddy, nothing about it screams tea per se. The fine white porcelain will go with just about any decor.

Bargain pack: NOBBEE Squirrel Tea Bag Hangers

When we get back to having parties, you'll be ready with this 15-pack of squishy silicone squirrel tea bag holders. Perch one on the edge of your mug and the tail will hold on to the string of your tea bag. You get three each of five different colors in a package.

$7 at Amazon

Meow!: World Market Cat Ceramic Tea Bag Holders

Hey, all you cool cats and kittens out there, who doesn't love cat-themed teaware? These three feline tea bag holders are cute enough to be used for other small items as well. It's hard to tell from the photo, but the cats are gray, not white.

Mug pocket: Home-X Hanging Tea Bag Holder Set

Hang one of these silicone pockets off the side of your mug, and you'll have a handy place to drop your tea bag when you're done brewing. Note that the mugs are not included. You get four holders in the set, each one a different color.

$9 at Amazon

Tea for two: Wandeful Porcelain Tea Cup and Saucer Set

Elevate your whole tea experience with this porcelain bone china tea set. You get two cups, two saucers, two spoons, and a rack that holds it all. When you've finished brewing your tea, you can set it on the saucer next to your cup. Don't forget to hold your pinkie finger in the air as you sip.

$17 at Amazon

Which tea bag holder is best?

Whether you need the sort of tea bag that holds your tea bag securely as it brews or the one that gives you a place to stash your used bag, the Primula Tea Bag Buddy has you totally covered. It also has your teacup or mug covered, to help keep your hot water to an ideal brewing temperature. Plus, it's made of flexible silicone. So if you're a tea squeezer, this is a lot easier than winding the string of your tea bag around your spoon to squeeze out the rest of your tea from the leaves.

If you just need something to hold onto the string of your tea bag while it brews, so you don't end up having to fish the paper tab out of your tea, my favorite is the Kikkerland Tea Holder Fishermen set. On the other hand, if it's a post-brewing tea rest you need, I'd go for the attractive and flexible-use HIC Harold Import Co. Leaf-Shaped Tea Bag Caddy. When it's not serving as your used tea bag holder, it can serve as a tiny serving dish or spoon rest.

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