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Best Tea Bag Holders in 2020

Coolrunner Tea Bag Holder Hero
Coolrunner Tea Bag Holder Hero (Image credit: Amazon)

Brewing a cup of tea doesn't need to be a messy chore. Keep your tea bag under control with a tea bag holder. Whether you're looking for something to hold your tea bag securely while your tea steeps or you need a place to rest the wet bag when you're done steeping, we've got you covered. This is your ultimate guide to tea bag holders.

Which tea bag holder is best?

Whether you need the sort of tea bag that holds your tea bag securely as it brews or the one that gives you a place to stash your used bag, the Primula Tea Bag Buddy (opens in new tab) has you totally covered. It also has your teacup or mug covered, to help keep your hot water to an ideal brewing temperature. Plus, it's made of flexible silicone. So if you're a tea squeezer, this is a lot easier than winding the string of your tea bag around your spoon to squeeze out the rest of your tea from the leaves.

If you just need something to hold onto the string of your tea bag while it brews, so you don't end up having to fish the paper tab out of your tea, my favorite is the Kikkerland Tea Holder Fishermen (opens in new tab) set. On the other hand, if it's a post-brewing tea rest you need, I'd go for the attractive and flexible-use HIC Harold Import Co. Leaf-Shaped Tea Bag Caddy (opens in new tab). When it's not serving as your used tea bag holder, it can serve as a tiny serving dish or spoon rest.