Best third-party Joy-Cons for Nintendo Switch iMore 2021

The Joy-Cons are a unique controller for the Nintendo Switch, but you don't have to get them from Nintendo. One of the things people love about the Joy-Cons are the fun color options, and buying third-party doesn't take that option away, and some improve on some complaints of the original design. If you need some Joy-Cons, but can't find or don't want to pay for the real thing, you can pick up a pair of these best third-party Joy-Cons for Switch!

Bestfire Nintendo Switch Joy Cons

Amiibo friendly: BestFire Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller

Staff Pick

Many third-party Joy-Cons don't have the ability to read amiibo, but the BestFire controllers can! It also has motion sensing and vibrating functions giving you all the main functions of the Nintendo brand Joy-Cons. For long-time Nintendo lovers, these controllers are made to look like the old Gamecube controller. Charge this set with a USB or on the Switch system.

$44 at Amazon
Jalvde Wireless Joy Pad Controller

Grip it: JALVDE Wireless Joy Pad Controller

This takes the original look of the Joy-Cons and adds more grip to the sides and back. If you're looking for a more traditional controller feel, this is the set to pick. Players will enjoy the immersive motion sensing and vibration features, but these will not work on games that require HD rumble.

From $31 at Amazon
Hori Split Pad Pro for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo licensed: Officially Licensed Hori Split Pad Pro

If you love that Pro-Controller feeling but are looking for the attached functionalities of the Joy-Cons, this Nintendo Licensed Hori Split Pad Pro option is for you. This set offers a wider grip than the Nintendo Joy-Cons and a little more support on the controller's back. There are also additional programmable buttons on the back of the controllers for additional ease of your gaming experience. However, some important things to note on this set are that it will use your Switch battery, they cannot be used off the Switch, and they do not have rumble, motion, or amiibo support.

Nyko Duelies Nintendo Switch Joy Cons

Split only: Nyko Dualies - Alternatives to JoyCons

This set made it onto our best third-party Joy-Cons for Switch list because it offers a wider grip. These Joy-Cons don't allow for handheld mode, but they do have a programmable turbo button. There are also a variety of colors available. Get a fully immersive experience with rumble and motion control. Unfortunately, they do not have amiibo support.

Aliengt Joypad Nintendo Swirch Controller

Joypad included: ALIENGT Joypad Controller

Get a Joypad controller included with the Joy-Cons when you pick up this ALIENGT set with a unique M shape. Keeping with the "M theme" is the programmable M (or macro) button. These controllers have dual vibration (but not HD rumble), motion sensors, and include a feature not seen on the original Joy-Cons, turbo burst. Although these cannot register amiibo characters, they are still a great replacement for the Nintendo Joy-Cons.

$40 Amazon
Proslife Joy Con Nintendo Switch

A clear choice: Proslife Joy Pad Controller

The clear cover with a purple tint you get with these Joy-Cons offers a nice sense of nostalgia, taking me back to the Gameboy days. There are other color options available, as well. In addition to the nice coloring, players also get a controller option that offers support for all modes, motion control, easier grip, and wake-up function. It is missing the rumble feature and amiibo support.

From $26 at Amazon
Tenvoonl Nintendo Switch Joy Con

Guaranteed: Tenvoonl Joy-Pad

After purchasing, players will get lifetime technical service from the seller. This is a great option for someone looking for security in the third-party company they buy from. This is a fundamental set that must be charged by being plugged into the Switch on the dock, has no amiibo support, and no rumble. However, it does have motion control and wake-up function.

From $41 at Amazon
Singland Joy Cons

Wake up: SINGLAND Joy Con Wireless Controller

This colorful set of Joy-Con replacements offer several color options. With a look and feel much like the Nintendo Joy-Cons, the bonus of also having the wake-up feature makes this set almost the same as the originals. You can even use them as separate controllers to play with friends, but there isn't amiibo support.

From $40 at Amazon

It's in your hands now

The controller you use can really make a difference in your gaming experience. Some people prefer a more traditional controller while others want to stick with having the controllers the way the console intended. If the latter is you, choosing the best third-party Joy-Con for Switch that fits what you need is largely about finding the one with the features important to your play style.

The one that I found has the most features is the BestFire Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller. It is the only one with amiibo support and rumble and motion, and the added throwback to the Gamecube is an extra special treat. To get the official third-party option, the Hori Split Pad Pro doesn't function quite the same as the original Joy-Cons with no ability to play with just one, but it is a high-quality pick that looks really nice on the Switch. If you're looking to get a little bit of a different grip, the M of the ALIENGT Joypad Controller offers a unique feel with fun color options. There are many options available for you; whichever you choose is in your hands!

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