Best third-party Joy-Cons for Nintendo Switch in 2023

Nintendo showcased their penchant for innovation with the Joy-Cons, but the controllers are not without their issues. They are more fragile than controllers of past consoles due to their many components and are also prone to the infamous "Joy-Con drift" phenomenon, where the controllers register input despite none being made.

Many Nintendo Switch owners have had to send their controllers in for repair, and Joy-Cons are quite expensive to replace. Fortunately, gamers have a wide variety of third-party knock-offs that boast many of the same features of Joy-Cons, but for a much lower price. If you're in need of an extra pair of controllers or want some Joy-Cons in new funky colors, look no further!

Our top picks for the best third-party Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

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How to choose the best third-party Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch

The controller you use can really make a difference in your Nintendo Switch gaming experience. Some people prefer a more traditional controller and for that, there are many third-party options as well. However, others may want to stick with having the controllers the way the console intended. If the latter is you, choosing the best third-party Joy-Cons that fit what you need is largely about finding the one with the features important to your play style.

I found that the YCCTEAM Nintendo Switch Controller has the most features. The throwback GameCube design is an extra special treat. To get the official third-party option, the Hori Split Pad Pro doesn't function quite the same as the original Joy-Con controllers since they don't have internal batteries, but it is a high-quality pick that looks really nice on the Switch.

It's uncertain whether these controllers will function with whatever new console Nintendo has planned, but in the meantime, it's a great alternative to official options in the event that you're experiencing Joy-Con drift.

If you're looking to get a little bit of a different grip, the M of the ALIENGT Joypad Controller offers a unique feel with fun color options. Many options are available for you; whichever you choose is in your hands!

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