Alex Huebner

Alex Huebner


Alex  Huebner got her start in writing after graduating from Iowa State University in 2014 with a Bachelor’s in Advertising and a focus on copywriting. After a few years in marketing roles, she began to shift to journalism and has been working with iMore as a Freelance Gaming Writer for three years. Android Central and Windows Central also house a few of her articles.

She regularly covers Nintendo Switch games from Pokémon, Zelda, and Sonic to a few indie pieces. You’ll also see her talk about accessories to improve your gaming experience and keep your console safe. As a parent, she enjoys finding iOS game apps that are fun, safe, and educational for children and helping other parents think of what to consider as their little ones begin to show interest in technology, as well as some games anyone could enjoy. In addition to the Nintendo Switch, you may also find her playing on the PlayStation, PC, and a variety of saved old consoles.

Alex often has a controller in hand but can also be found playing with her toddler, husband, and dogs, exploring a new area outdoors, crocheting, reading a book (or comic book), cosplaying, or playing with makeup. Since she grew up with video games she has many favorite titles, however, a few of her most recent favorite games include the Zelda franchise, Little Nightmares, and Animal Crossing.

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