Best third party N64 controllers for Nintendo Switch iMore 2022

The Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack has brought some of the very best N64 games to Nintendo Switch. However, playing those retro titles using Joy-Cons or a normal Switch controller feels strange. The official N64 controller is the best way to play, but there's a shortage of stock. So, if you want to play those games more easily, you'll want to nab a third-party N64 controller for Switch.

Hori Nintendo Switch Gamecube Controller

Go GameCube: HORI Nintendo Switch GameCube Style Controller

Staff Pick

Now obviously, this is a GameCube-style controller and not an N64 one. However, it has a layout more akin to the N64 controller, so it will be easier to use while playing your favorite N64 games. It comes in this Zelda theme or a red Mario theme, and it works wirelessly on Nintendo Switch.

$50 at Amazon
Bestfire Nintendo Switch Joy Cons

C Button Joystick: YCCTEAM Joy Con Controller GameCube style

With its D-Pad and dedicated C-button joystick, this knock-off controller is more in line with an N64 controller than the normal Joy-Cons. They also include motion controls, rumble, and can be charged using a USB to USB-C cable.

$27 at Amazon
Mayflash N64 Controller Adapter For Switch

Time to adapt: Mayflash N64 Controller Adapter

Already have an original N64 controller lying around? This adapter lets you connect up to two N64 controllers to your Switch. Just plug the USB side into your Switch Dock, plug the N64 cables into the adapter, and you're good to go.

$26 at Amazon
Retro Fighters Brawler

Adapter needed: Retro Fighters Brawler64

This sweet N64 controller works explicitly with the original console, but you can get it to work with the Nintendo Switch if you purchase an adapter. It has a great wireless design and feels good in your hands while still giving you all the buttons you need. It comes in Blue, Green, Red, or Classic Gray.

$45 at Amazon

The affordable knock off alternative

The N64 Controller was very unique in its day. Nintendo has created a newer version to work with the Switch, but they've already sold out all of their 2021 stock. So, if you plan on playing those N64 games, you're going to want a decent third-party option.

I highly recommend getting the Retro-Bit Tribute 64. It's a wireless controller that works with the original N64 console, but it also comes with adapters that allow it to work on the Nintendo Switch. It has all the buttons you need to play your favorite N64 games, but the layout is more manageable and feels good in your hands.

If you already have an N64 controller lying around, I highly recommend grabbing this Mayflash N64 Controller Adapter. You and a friend can play through your favorite N64 games with the controller they were made for.

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