Best video rigs for iPhone 2024

Ulanzi Hero
Ulanzi Hero (Image credit: ULANZI)

If you use your iPhone to film video, you've probably noticed just how shaky your hands can be. Some of today's best action cameras deliver jittery-free footage, but going that route requires you to carry more gear and a second camera. Your phone is always with you, so why not take advantage of its incredible video capabilities by adding one of the best video rigs for iPhone to your arsenal. We've scoped out the best, and these 11 rise to the top of our list of favorites.

Shoot like a pro

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Video rigs are one of the best iPhone photography accessories for filmmakers. They're inexpensive, easy to use, and dramatically improve your workflow.

Our staff pick is the ULANZI U Rig Pro. We love how it holds phones securely in place and gives us three cold shoe mounts to add mics and lights to our setup.

Those who want a full kit should toss the DREAMGRIP Evolution 2 MOJO in their cart. This stable video grip comes with lots of extras, including a mic, two LED lamps, and filters.

For perfect lighting on every shoot, we recommend GVM's LED ring light and video rig. It's a stable cage with handles, and it's fitted with 5600K dimmable LEDs.

Jodi Owan

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