Best video rigs for iPhone iMore 2022

If you use your iPhone to film video, you've probably noticed just how shaky your hands can be. Some of today's best action cameras deliver jittery-free footage, but going that route requires you to carry more gear and a second camera. Your phone is always with you, so why not take advantage of its incredible video capabilities by adding one of the best video rigs for iPhone to your arsenal. We've scoped out the best, and these 11 rise to the top of our list of favorites.

Ulanzi U Rig Pro Render Cropped

Most versatile: ULANZI U Rig Pro

Staff Pick

If you love accessories, the ULANZI U Rig Pro is the best video rig for you. It comes with three cold shoe mounts to attach microphones, LEDs, an action cam, strobe, or anything else in your bag of tricks. The two side handles are generous in size and allow you to get superb footage without the shake. This rig is also mountable on a tripod if you prefer to go hands-free.

Zeadio Action Video Grip Render Cropped

Best stabilization: Zeadio video action handheld stabilizer with video grip

If action shooting is your thing, you want this rig from Zeadio. It's a stabilizer and video rig in one. The unique U-shaped padded handle lets you shoot comfortably high or low while cradling your phone and keeping it out of harm's way. There's even room to add on a camcorder, mirrorless camera, or action camera.

$36 at Amazon
Dreamgrip Evolution2 Mojo Render Cropped

So many extras: DREAMGRIP Evolution 2 MOJO

If you have big dreams of becoming the next star videographer, the DREAMGRIP Evolution 2 MOJO should be in your shopping cart already. This complete kit fits every phone up to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and comes with a microphone, two dimmable 36 LED lamps, ND filters, and a zipper bag to carry it all in.

Neewer Video Rig Render Cropped

Fits all iPhones: Neewer Plastic U Rig

The Neewer Plastic U Rig is lightweight and compatible with all iPhones from the iPhone X to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. One side handle gives your video the stability it deserves, and there are two cold shoes on the upper plate to connect a mic, LED lights, or a second camera. You can hold this rig with one hand or two, and it screws into a standard tripod as well.

Zeadio Video Rig Render Cropped

Includes a remote shutter: Zeadio wireless smartphone video rig

Zeadio's offering is a traditional-looking video rig with two removable handholds on each side. It has a few extras going for it, though. There are three hot-shoe mounts for lights, mics, and other equipment, plus a wireless shutter for those days you're filming with a tripod.

$18 at Amazon
Gvm Video Rig Render Cropped

Best built-in LEDs: GVM Great Video Maker LED ring light and video rig

We're big fans of ring lights. Proper lighting improves video and stills more than any other technique. GVM's video rig is surrounded in LEDs. This cage is useable for both front-facing selfies and videos, or it can flip around to shoot your environment. The LEDs are dimmable and temperature controllable so you can bring out natural-looking skin tones and set the mood.

Movo V7 Render Cropped

For vloggers: Movo smartphone vlogging kit V7

The Movo vlogging kit is a portable recording studio that includes a grip rig, stereo microphone, LED light, and a wireless remote. If you're a wannabe hitmaker on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram, this is the kit you need to reach influencer status. The Movo uses a handle instead of hand grips, allowing you to shoot one-handed. It's also tripod mountable.

Neewer Led Ring Light And Video Rig Render Cropped

Extra batteries for more shooting power: Neewer LED ring light selfie light smartphone video rig

Neewer's LED ring light video rig is a large, plastic rectangular phone holder packed with LED lights to ensure lighting is perfect. The video rig stabilizes video and stills well, and the adjustable lights give a fantastic ambiance to your work. This kit has three cold shoe mounts, a wireless remote control, two batteries, and a USB battery charger.

$91 at Amazon
Smallrig Smartphone Video Rig Render Cropped

Best build: SmallRig smartphone video rig

This video rig from SmallRig is made from aluminum alloy. It's built tough for adventure shooting and travel but remains lightweight enough to use all day. Wide jaws on the SmallRig provide superb stabilization. There are two cold shoe mounts for attaching LED lights, microphones, or a tripod, and built-in rubber padding that prevents scratches to your phone.

Beastgrip Pro Bundle Render Cropped

Best bundle: Beastgrip Pro + wide angle and fish eye lenses

We love extras, and the Beastgrip Pro + has plenty to brag about in that department. This universal video rig works with all phones with or without their case attached. It has threaded mounts for screwing on video gear and, best of all, comes with an add-on wide-angle lens and one fisheye lens for your iPhone.

Feiyutech Spg Plus Render Cropped

Superior stabilization: FeiyuTech SPG Plus

If super stable footage is your goal, the FeiyuTech SPG Plus is the best video rig for you. With a rubberized dual handle system and an adaptable slide bar, videos are balanced perfectly and are as smooth as can be. This kit is expandable via the five 1/4-inch screw ports, built just for video accessories.

$229 at Amazon

Shoot like a pro

Video rigs are one of the best iPhone photography accessories for filmmakers. They're inexpensive, easy to use, and dramatically improve your workflow.

Our staff pick is the ULANZI U Rig Pro. We love how it holds phones securely in place and gives us three cold shoe mounts to add mics and lights to our setup.

Those who want a full kit should toss the DREAMGRIP Evolution 2 MOJO in their cart. This stable video grip comes with lots of extras, including a mic, two LED lamps, and filters.

For perfect lighting on every shoot, we recommend GVM's LED ring light and video rig. It's a stable cage with handles, and it's fitted with 5600K dimmable LEDs.

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