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These days, anything we can do to find a bit of peace and serenity should be a priority — even if that's as simple as spending some time outdoors. A wind chime can help add to that sense of calm with musical tones that some even prefer to use during meditation. Whether you're searching for a wind chime with a traditional look or something a bit more colorful and stylistic, Amazon is full of popular options that will have you wishing the wind would blow more often.

Upblend Outdoors Wind Chime

Best wind chime: UpBlend Outdoors Wind Chimes

Staff Pick

These wind chimes are created using sustainable and recyclable bamboo and aluminum. Available in a few different colorways, these chimes measure 29 inches long and play sounds that traverse the pleasant G-major Pentatonic scale.

$45 at Amazon
Bellaa Wind Chimes

From the sea: Bellaa Wind Chimes

Bellaa's wind chimes are made from all-natural, eco-friendly materials including bamboo wood and colorful seashells. There are several different styles to choose from that can help add a fun vibe to your patio.

$20 at Amazon
Kearui Solar Wind Chimes

Illuminated dream: Kearui Solar Light-up Wind Chimes

Kearui's wind chimes can light up and alternate randomly through different colors. There's a built-in solar panel to keep it powered up without batteries, and thanks to IPX3 water protection, it's protected from rain and moisture.

$24 at Amazon
Cohasset Bamboo Wind Chimes

Classic style: Cohasset Bamboo Wind Chime

Featuring a more traditional look, the Cohasset Bamboo Wind Chime can bring a positive sense of peace and calm to your backyard. They're made of bamboo and coconut wood, and have been hand-tuned to create a more relaxing tone whenever the breeze blows.

$30 at Amazon
Leidrail Solar Wind Chimes

Moon child approved: LeiDrail Solar Wind Chimes

The retro-inspired moon at the top of the LeiDrail wind chimes has a light inside that powers on automatically using solar energy. The chimes are made of high-quality metal that is resistant to rust and fading.

$24 at Amazon
Solange Frances Wind Chimes

Dazzled: Solange & Frances Wind Chimes

The Solange & Frances wind chimes use Capiz shells for a beautiful tone that doesn't get too loud or harsh. They're rather gorgeous too, handmade and even more stunning when the sunlight is shining on them.

$21 at Amazon

Chime's up!

It's pretty hard to go wrong when choosing a wind chime — especially if you're picking from the ones on the list above! Style is key, and you probably already have your eye on one or two that seem to be a better fit for your personal style and your home's style than the others. Some options even come in several colors and styles like the Bellaa wind chimes, so it helps to check out all the options on Amazon's product pages.

There are some differences in the sounds these chimes make, too; maybe you prefer the sound of shells over bells? This is totally up to personal preference, so you'll have to be the judge here.

These UpBlend Outdoors Wind Chimes made it to the top spot on our list and can be a good fit for just about any backyard. They're available in several different colorways and hit notes on the G-major Pentatonic scale when the wind blows. This helps the chimes sound great melodically no matter how they play out. There's an attached windcatcher that maximizes chime frequency, though it can be switched out with a smaller version if the chimes are sounding too often for your liking.

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