The Boy Genius brings the iPhone 4.0 hype with some leaks about Apple's next-generation iPhone OS -- confirming some of what we've heard before with some new tidbits to light our imaginations:

  • Global multitouch gestures, leveraged from similar iTablet OS
  • Background apps/Multitasking
  • UI enhanced for easier, more efficient navigation
  • iPhone 3G/3GS only (and presumable 4th gen iPhone later in June)
  • Will put iPhone way ahead of smartphone market, more like "full-fledged computer"
  • Apple people "really excited"
  • New but nebulous syncing for contacts and calendars

As with anything, especially Apple-related anything, we'll never know for 100% certain until Steve, Phil, or Scott hold it up on stage at "Come see our latest creation" but, yeah, we can't wait for next Wednesday either...