Blujoos handcrafted Antique Steampunk Case for iPhone review

The Antique model Steampunk Case for iPhone is one of a few handcrafted iPhone cases by Paul Marsh's Blujoos. Each model is a special edition, limited to 50 pieces, and designed to give your iPhone a unique look you just won't find anywhere else. A model and prop maker from the film industry with over 20 years and 25 films and TV series to his credit, Marsh is pouring every bit of that skill into these cases and it really shows. These aren't stickers -- these are actual 3D castings!

The models are built using carefully chosen parts from watches and clocks, and then a platinum silicone mould is created from the model. Marsh casts the individual cases from a tough, UV protected polyurethane and then -- get this -- impregnates them with metal powders. That's real brass, real bronze, real copper, and real iron powders. That's what gives them the incredible look of rusted, corroded metals. It's beautiful destruction and The effect is simply stunning. It looks like something out of fantasy, like the kingdoms busily assembling themselves during the opening credits of Game of Thrones...

There are currently two models available on Etsy, the Antique which I'm reviewing here, and the Salvage which has a more coppery, almost Lost City of Atlantis look to it.

Both are gorgeous and both are extremely limited, so if you like them, pounce on them soon.

The good

  • Exquisite craftsmanship
  • Incredible finish
  • Unique look and feel

The bad

  • iPhone can shift slightly in case
  • Bulkier than a mass-produced skin

The bottom line

I absolutely adore the look of and feel of the Antique Steampunk iPhone case by Blujoos. Paul Marsh has put together something more than an accessory -- he's put together a real work of art. If you're a fan of the Steampunk genre, or of fantasy or sci-fi model-making techniques, or simply of unique craftsmanship and amazing design, check out Marsh's work on Etsy now.

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