BodyGuardz Harmony Case review: Ombré style

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The BodyGuardz Harmony Case is more than just a pretty case. A gel-like Kevlar material absorbs and dissipates impact. The bottom has a wire mesh structure made to protect from dust and amplify sound.

The Good

  • Slim, flexible TPU case
  • Kevlar material absorbs impact
  • Fashionable ombré look
  • Mesh speaker cover resists dust and amplifies sound
  • Metallic button accents
  • Wireless charging compatible

The Bad

  • Case extends longer than the iPhone

Slim protection

BodyGuardz Harmony Case: Features

BodyGuardz Harmony Case

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Any case you buy for your iPhone is going to be a trade-off between bulk and protection. Bulker cases are generally more protective, slimmer cases less so. The BodyGuardz Harmony case is definitely a slimmer case, but it does have features that make it pretty protective anyway.

The case is made from a soft TPU, or Thermoplastic Polyurethane, which bridges the gap between rubbers and plastics. It feels rubbery, soft, and smooth. The entire case is quite flexible, making it easy to put on and take off. Unequal's patented Kevlar material, an impact gel, is injected into the case. This material absorbs and dissapates impact to protect your phone from drops.

The lip of the case does come up over the edge of the screen for face-down protection, but there is still room for a separate screen protector if you use one. The Sleep/Wake and volume button covers are metal, lending a classy look and feel. The camera cutout doesn't have its own lip, but the case is thick enough that the cameras don't protrude past it. The cutouts for the mute switch and lightning port allow full access. Wireless charging works fine with this case. While there is not a specific texture on the sides for grip, the case doesn't feel overly slippery.

I do enjoy a colorful iPhone case, and this ombré look is fun and colorful without being over the top.

The bottom of the case is interesting. Instead of the typical speaker cutouts, the entire bottom of the case protrudes slightly, and has a wire mesh covering. This serves two purposes: to keep dust out of your speaker holes, and to amplify the sound coming out of them. I can't say that I can really hear much difference in sound, but every little bit helps when you're going for maximum volume.

The top of the case is where you'll see the BodyGuardz branding engraved. It's not anywhere else on the case. The Apple logo is visible through the case, at least in the colorway I have. There are three colorways available for the iPhone 11 series phones. While the colors aren't named, you can choose the blue-to-pink ombré seen in my photos, a clear-to-gray shade, or clear-to-teal. You can also get a for any model iPhone back to the iPhone 7, as well as other smartphones. There are more colorways available for the older phones.

Love the look

BodyGuardz Harmony Case: What I like

I do enjoy a colorful iPhone case, and this ombré look is fun and colorful without being over the top. The metal button covers elevate its style beyond the typical TPU case. I like that while it's a slim, light case, it also has that Kevlar gel injected into it for extra impact protection. The metal mesh is a nice touch to keep dust out, and if I get a little extra volume from the shape of the case's bottom, all the better.

BodyGuardz Harmony Case

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Not everyone's taste

BodyGuardz Harmony Case: What I don't like

The ombré look isn't going to be for everyone. Plus, not everyone likes a slim TPU case. It isn't going to be as protective as a thicker, heavy-duty case. I don't love the branding at the top, even though it's not obtrusive.

Though I love the metal mesh dust protector that covers the speakers, this extends the case a bit beyond the length of the iPhone, which adds bulk unnecessarily.

Nice overall case

BodyGuardz Harmony Case: Bottom line

Personally, I love the look and the functionality of this case, and I'll definitely be using it on the days when it matches my outfit. The metal buttons add to its cool style. My iPhone is about as well-protected as it can be in a slim TPU case, with Unequal's patented Kevlar material injected into the case to absorb and dissipate impact. The unique metal-mesh bottom of the case protects the speakers from dust and amplifies sound a little bit.

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