Brave Frontier: Top 5 hints, tips, and cheats

Although Brave Frontier is overwhelming at first, this Japanese role-playing game will suck you in faster than you can say, "Attack!" Whether you're looking for a head-start or are playing catch-up against your friends, these nifty tips should get you on your way to slaying monsters in Grand Gaia.

1. Take advantage of daily rewards

Brave Frontier offers rewards for the devoted player. Each consecutive day you log in will grant you a special item of increasing rarity. Every third day you receive one or two gems; find out how to put these to best use in the following steps.

2. Save and utilize your brave bursts at the opportune time

As you defeat enemies in any stage of questing, your units will receive "Brave Burst" power-ups that fill your Brave Burst bar. The power-ups look like blue prisms, as seen above in the first screenshot. When your unit's Brave Burst bar is full, you can hold down your finger on the unit and swipe up to unleash a powerful attack. I've found that saving your Brave Bursts for the final boss battle is the best method for a relatively easy fight.

3. Use proper elements against foes

As seen in the first screenshot above, the cyclical nature of elements in Brave Frontier can be used to your advantage. Water is strong against fire; lightning is strong against water, etc. When you've selected an enemy to attack, you will notice a red or blue sword beside the element type of your own units (seen in the second screenshot above). Red sword pointing up means extra damage, blue sword pointing down denotes less damage given to the enemy. This elemental aspect works both ways, so enemies with weaker elements will deal less damage to your units.

4. Use gems to upgrade unit slot capacity

Time to use the gems collected from the daily login bonus! As you win battles and gain notoriety, units will want to join your squad. These extra spots are crucial later on if you want to fuse and evolve your units. Spending one gem adds five slots to your Max Unit Capacity. Using the same method, you can also upgrade your item capacity, making more room for things like Cure Potions.

5. Collect free material from town

Your Town screen is a portal to upgrades and items. The town is sometimes sparkling with magic – you have likely noticed. You can tap the sparkling tree, mountain, river, or arch and receive materials and items. For free. When you've exhausted these areas, do some questing or take a break before returning to town. The sparkles and free items will refresh over time.

Your top Brave Frontier hints, tips, and cheats?

Let us know below what you think of these hints, tips, and cheats, and please include some of your own ways to get the most out of Brave Frontier!

Cale Hunt

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