The British Airways app for iPhone is now so good you'll want to use it

The British Airways app for iPhone has today seen a massive overhaul that makes it – finally – an app you'll want to use when travelling. The visual differences are staggering and no longer does it feel like simply a mobile website inside a wrapper. It's really, really good.

For starters we've now at long last got an app that iOS 7 is worthy of running. The old, stale interface has been replaced with large images in the background – of the cities you're visiting no less – a slide out menu and silky smooth scrolling as well as ensuring the important information remains easy to access.

British Airways

If you're a BA Executive Club member, the main bar across the top of the app will change color reflecting your status, and we get some added bonuses with this new app such as current weather conditions at your destination and quick access to some of the airline's current cheapest fares right from the main menu. Booking flights has been improved too, as has the mobile check-in experience.

The old British Airways app was for many just a way to get your boarding card into Passbook, with it becoming too frustrating to use in recent times. With the arrival of version 5.0, all that is in the past. British Airways has given us an app that we would actually want to use in the process of travelling with them.

The update is live in the App Store now and you'll find it at the link below. British Airways is my own preferred airline, so I'm really pleased with this fantastic new app. If you're in the same boat, take a look and let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

Richard Devine

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