Burkley Belton iPhone Case review: Surprisingly awesome

This 3-in-1 case has features I never considered and never thought I'd want. But I found it to be one of the most comfortable, useful, and beautiful cases I've tried.

The Good

  • Premium full-grain leather
  • Slim snap-on design
  • Strap for better grip
  • Kickstand
  • Wristlet clasp
  • Six attractive color options
  • Wireless charging compatible (some chargers)

The Bad

  • Not a heavy-duty case
  • Not compatible with all wireless chargers
  • Pricey

Unique design

Burkley Belton 3-in-1 Snap-on iPhone Case: Features

Burkley Belton iPhone Case

When this case came across my desk, I thought it was odd. I didn't really get it, not until I slipped it on my iPhone and picked it up. I was immediately impressed by the high-quality leather and how natural the strap across the back felt. Rather than one or two fingers, you can slip four fingers under the strap, so you get a secure and comfortable grip on your phone. While it's set off to one side unlike most phone grips, it works just as well for my right or left hand.

The reason the strap is set off to one side is twofold. First of all, there is a card slot on the other side. You can put one credit card, ID, or a small amount of cash in there. The other reason for the offset strap is so that the strap can be used as a kickstand for watching videos. Looking at the strap, I thought that it would be too flimsy to be a useful kickstand. But it works very well. It is strong enough, and it sticks well enough, to be a secure video-watching stand. You can flip it either way to get two different viewing angles, one higher and one lower (both horizontal.)

At the bottom of the strap you'll find a metal clasp. You can use that to attach a key ring, wristlet, or whatever you like. I thought it would annoy me, flapping around, but it didn't. You'll see the name BURKLEY embossed across the strap.

With its comfortable strap, this case really helps my iPhone feel like a natural extension of my hand.

The case itself is pretty minimal. If you're looking for heavy-duty protection, keep shopping. This is a lightweight case with large cutouts. While the corners are all protected, there are large cutouts exposing the top and bottom edges of the phone. The camera, buttons, and switches all have cutouts as well. The edges of the case come up slightly above screen level for some protection when you set your phone face-down. The iPhone is fully functional within the case. It's quite easy to put on and take off.

The case is indeed wireless charging compatible, with a big caveat. The strap usually interferes with charging. If you have a standing charger that allows you to charge the phone horizontally, it's no big deal, you can slip the strap behind the charger and slide your phone into place. If you have a very small flat disk charger, you might be able to slip the strap around it, but I wouldn't count on it. In my testing, my iPhone did sometimes charge right through the strap, but not consistently.

This is a premium full-grain leather case. As with all natural leather, it will develop a patina over time. You can already see a little bit of patina on my case from just a few days of use. It comes in six different colors: Burnished Red, Burnished Tan, Pebble Black, Distressed Antique Coffee, Antique Golden Brown, and Nude Pink.

A cut above

Burkley Belton 3-in-1 Snap-on iPhone Case: What I like

This is a really special case. I have never gone so quickly from doubter to believer upon trying out a new case. The strap makes for such a comfortable phone grip, and it was a pleasant surprise that it made such a sturdy kickstand. Being able to carry around a card or cash is a nice bonus. This case really helps my iPhone feel like a natural extension of my hand.

Burkley Belton iPhone Case

Lightweight protection

Burkley Belton 3-in-1 Snap-on iPhone Case: What I don't like

Not being able to charge consistently on every wireless charger is kind of a bummer, but luckily I do have a standing charger that works fine when I slip the strap behind it.

It is important to note that this is not a heavy-duty case meant for extreme drops. A lightweight case generally offers lightweight protection. The hefty price tag is for the quality of the craftsmanship and leather, not the protection level.

Form and function

Burkley Belton 3-in-1 Snap-on iPhone Case: Bottom line

Form and function combine to make one cool case. This hand-wrapped, premium full-grain leather case will develop a rich patina over time. The strap across the back makes holding your iPhone more secure and natural, and it acts as a sturdy kickstand. The strap does interfere with wireless charging, though if you have a charger that the strap can fit behind, it's not an issue. Other nice touches such as a card slot and wristlet clasp make this an all-around functional and beautiful case.

Karen S Freeman

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