Burkley Prescott Folio iPad Case review: Magnetic and detachable

Premium leather defines this luxurious two-in-one case. It can be a simple shell case with an Apple Pencil holder, or it can be magnetically attached to the folio stand when needed.

The Good

  • Dual-purpose case
  • Premium full-grain leather
  • Apple Pencil/Stylus holder
  • Allows Apple Pencil charging (iPad Pro only)
  • Luxurious
  • Professional-looking

The Bad

  • Heavy
  • Pricey

Two cases in one

Burkley Prescott Folio iPad Case: Features

Burkley Prescott Folio iPad Case

The Prescott Folio case is two separate pieces. Protective polycarbonate forms most of the shell case. A premium full-grain leather panel covers the back portion. There's a slot to hold an Apple Pencil or another slim stylus. It's cleverly placed in a way that the Apple Pencil could charge while in the case if you have a 2018 iPad Pro model. There's even a hole so you can stick your Apple Pencil in upright if you choose. You'll find appropriate button covers and cutouts for all of the buttons and ports. Though the Apple Pencil slot covers the volume buttons, the button covers have stilts, for lack of a better word, so you can still operate the buttons perfectly. I'm not sure if it's just my own unit, but the polycarbonate shell is a little loose around the top edge in front of the speakers. I can't imagine it would cause any problems other than bugging me slightly, though.

This is a straight-up gorgeous case with a thoughtful design.

The leather folio piece is lined with suede and has four card slots. The hand-made leather craftsmanship is gorgeous and the leather begins developing a patina in a matter of days. I do use a lot of hand lotion which may have sped up the process a bit. The shell fits into the folio magnetically, so you can use it alone or pop it into the folio as needed. The placement of the magnets is such that the folio can be folded into a stand, perfect for watching videos. I did not find the stand sturdy enough for typing on the screen; even watching videos it slips down sometimes when I rest the iPad on my stomach. What, you don't watch videos on your stomach in bed or on the couch? Well, I do. On a solid surface with no moving around, the folio stand is indeed as solid as a rock. A small magnetic tab folds over the folio to secure it closed when not in use. The logo on the outside of both pieces is a small, tasteful, embossed buffalo. The folio has "BURKLEY" embossed inside.

The Burkley Prescott Folio Case is available for the iPad Pro (11-inch or 12.9-inch), iPad Air 3rd Gen (10.5-inch), and iPad Mini 5. Choose from Burnished Tan (as seen in my photos,) or Distressed Antique Coffee in any of the available sizes.

Premium quality

Burkley Prescott Folio iPad Case: What I like

I love the look and feel of this elegant leather case. You could carry this with pride into any boardroom in the world. Of course, its unique functionality is the main draw of this case. Pop the iPad and shell into the folio for all-over protection as well as standing up the iPad for viewing. Pop the shell out for a lighter, simpler case as needed.

The built-in Apple Pencil holder is a nice touch, especially for iPad Pro users, since the Apple Pencil can charge within it. Though I don't have an Apple Pencil, my stylus fit in there as well.

Burkley Prescott Folio iPad Case

A lot of case

Burkley Prescott Folio iPad Case: What I don't like

This is a heavy case. Personally, I prefer light-weight cases in my personal life, even if it means sacrificing some elegance. I have the iPad Pro 11-inch model, and the shell alone is eight ounces. The shell and folio together weigh one pound, three ounces. Since the iPad Pro itself weighs just 1.03 pounds alone, this case more than doubles its weight. It bugs me that the folio stand isn't rock steady unless it's placed on a hard, unmoving surface (unlike my stomach, which is where I often use my iPad.)

Hand-crafted premium leather doesn't come cheap, and this elegant case is no exception. You pay for quality.

Elegance defined

Burkley Prescott Folio iPad Case: Bottom line

This is a straight-up gorgeous case with a thoughtful design. Use the leather-and-polycarbonate shell alone for a simple, lighter option. It has an Apple Pencil holder that allows contact with the iPad Pro so the Apple Pencil can charge within it. It also has a round hole which forms a spot to place your Apple Pencil upright when not in use.

Place the shell into the leather and suede magnetic folio for more functionality. Enclose the folio with a tab to keep your iPad secure and sharp-looking when not in use. Open up the folio and use it as a stand for watching videos or browsing the web. The shell is held in place magnetically.

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