BusyContacts brings BusyCal-style contact management to your Mac

If you happen to be in the market for a high-powered contact management app, then you might want to take a look at the newly-released BusyContacts. The app, by BusyMac, makers of the much-loved BusyCal calendar app, brings smart filters, customizable views, integration with the aforementioned BusyCal and more.

We'll let BusyMac founder John Chaffee tell you all about what's in the new BusyContacts:

  • Customizable Views — View contacts in a single-column Card View or multi-column List View.
  • Tags — Tags can be used for grouping, filtering and coloring contacts.
  • Smart Filters — Smart Filters are a powerful tool for filtering contacts, creating saved searches, and even applying custom view settings in the List View.
  • BusyCal integration — BusyContacts integrates with BusyCal by linking contacts to events in your calendar, providing flexible CRM capabilities for tracking past and future activities.
  • Activity List — The Activity List displays activities associated with the selected contact including calendar events, emails, messages, and recent social network posts.
  • Social network integration — BusyContacts syncs with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, combining contact information from each of these sources into a unified contact view.
  • Syncing — BusyContacts syncs with the built-in Contacts app on OS X and iOS through all leading cloud services including iCloud, Google, Exchange, and other CardDAV servers.
  • Sharing — BusyContacts allows you to share address books with read-only or read/write privileges through Exchange, Fruux, LAN, and other CardDAV servers.

Busy Contacts screenshot

BusyContacts certainly does seem to be one of the most powerful and flexible contacts apps out there, but getting in on the action will come at a price. Specifically, $49.99, though current BusyCal owners can get it at a reduced rate of $29.99, or you can buy both together for $79.98. If you're not sure if that's the kind of coin you want to spend to manage your contacts, you can check out the free 30-day trial to take it for a spin first.

Source: BusyMac

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