Can I import previous creations to Super Mario Maker 2?

Can I import previous creations to Super Mario Maker 2?

Best answer: We don't know yet, but probably not. With Wii U support for games winding down and Super Mario Maker 2 being a sequel and not a port, it seems unlikely you'll be able to import previous creations from Super Mario Maker to Super Mario Maker 2.Build your own Mario course: Super Mario Maker 2 ($60 at Amazon)Play the original on Wii U: Super Mario Maker ($60 at Amazon)

What do we know about importing courses from Super Mario Maker to Super Mario Maker 2?

So far, there has been no official confirmation or denial that we can import courses from the Wii U or 3DS' Super Mario Maker to Super Mario Maker 2 on Nintendo Switch. That said, aside from some details about new enemies and level styles you'll be able to play with, we haven't seen very many details about the features of Super Mario Maker 2, so it's possible an announcement for course imports could still come before the release date on June 28, 2019. E3 would be the likely place for such an announcement.

How could it potentially work?

There are a few different ways we could see course imports happen from Super Mario Maker to Super Mario Maker 2.

  • One possible way is if courses are tied to your Nintendo account, in which case they could be automatically imported if you sign in with the same Nintendo account online.
  • Another potential way would be if the servers from the previous game were connected to the servers for Super Mario Maker 2, allowing you to search for your old courses and save them to create or recreate
  • Other possibilities include using codes to import the data, or an "Upload" and "Import" option added to each game that lets you transfer between the two systems

Why is it unlikely to happen?

Since Nintendo began to focus on the Switch over the Wii U, it has winded down support of its online services for the latter console. Though Super Mario Maker's servers are still alive, its 3DS incarnation didn't have any way to share courses online (just with friends) and Miiverse has been fully shut down. With those in mind and with the fact that Super Mario Maker 2 is a sequel rather than a port, it would make sense for Nintendo to simply ask everyone to start over in Super Mario Maker 2.

Though unlikely, we can keep our fingers crossed that Nintendo includes some kind of import feature from the original Super Mario Maker to Super Mario Maker 2, so that some of the best Mario courses ever made aren't lost for good.

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