Can you get replacement Joy-Con Straps to match the color of your controller?

Can you get replacement Joy-Con Straps to match the color of your controller?

Joy-Con strap color options

Stores sell straps for each of the official neon Joy-Con colors but there aren't any straps specifically made for the Mario Red Joy-Cons. That being said, when a strap is attached to a Joy-Con color of the same name, there's an obvious color difference with the strap plastic having a slightly lighter hue. It looks like this was done intentionally. You'll even find color differences with Limited Edition Pokemon Let's Go Switch bundle Joy-Cons, which come with a pale yellow strap for the Yellow Joy-Con and a dark brown strap for the Tan Joy-Con.

Pink and Green Joy-Cons with Blue Straps

If having slightly different-colored straps bothers you then the best way to deal with this is to mix and match colors that look well together. One of the nicest color combinations we've seen is pink and green. If you're not sure what colors you want Nintendo's interactive 3D Switch model can help you.

Keep in mind that Nintendo sells straps individually so you usually have to order two packages if you want a specific strap color for both Joy-Cons. These multicolored accessories work with either Joy-Con so you don't have to worry about getting the correct side.

Joy-Con Straps on wrist

Why use Joy-Con Straps?

While you don't have to use a strap to play any Switch games, this Joy-Con accessory does add a safety measure by connecting the controller to your wrist. That way if it accidentally slips from your hand when you're slashing through the air, the Joy-Con won't hit anything or anyone. Even without the strap around your wrist, the extra amount of plastic gives you a better grip when playing multiplayer party games and makes the SR and SL buttons easier to use.

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