Can you play Super Mario Maker 2 with friends online?

Can you play Super Mario Maker 2 with friends online?

Best Answer: Yes, but not at first. When it first releases, Super Mario Maker 2 online multiplayer will only work via random matchmaking. However, Nintendo has confirmed that an update is coming that will allow you to search for and play with specific friends online.Can we build it?: Super Mario Maker 2 ($60 pre-order at Amazon)

How do we know that you'll be able to play with friends online?

During the Nintendo Treehouse livestream at E3 Super Mario Maker 2's producer Takashi Tezuka confirmed that a future update would allow players to play with friends online. We're glad to hear this since we previously were told that online play with friends wouldn't be possible.

We currently don't know when this update will release, but we'll keep you posted when we learn more.

What multiplayer options are there?

There are currently four multiplayer options:

  • Co-op building: You and one other person can build levels together. We can already hear excited screaming and laughing as we imagine this process. This can also make building go faster. For example, one person can work on building the area while the other places coins and enemies on the path.

  • Local play: Up to four players can play a level together on the same console, sharing the same screen. Games can be co-op (where you work together to reach the end) or versus (where it's a race to the finish). You'll just need a Joy-Con for each player.

  • Nearby play: Up to four players who each have their own Switch can link their consoles and play levels together. Each person will watch gameplay and control their character from their own screen. One player creates a room and the others join in. Only the player who creates the room will need access to Wi-Fi. You'll be able to choose between co-op and versus playing options.

  • Global play: Play online with gamers around the world in either co-op or versus games. At launch, online multiplayer will be done via random matchmaking. Eventually, Nintendo will release an update that allows you to search for and play with specific friends. In order to paricipate in any online gaming, you'll need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.
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