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Best answer: Yes, but the Switch Lite won't provide as good of an experience as playing Ring Fit Adventure on a regular Nintendo Switch. Its screen is too small to fully enjoy the game and it doesn't have detachable Joy-Cons.

Teeny tiny screen

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a great way to bring your Switch experience on the go, but it struggles with games built for the living room or detachable Joy-Cons like Ring Fit Adventure. While Ring Fit Adventure runs perfectly well on the Switch Lite and you can use separate Joy-Cons to set it up, the game is difficult to play on the Switch Lite. In the Switch Lite's defense, it isn't designed for these kinds of games.

Ring Fit Adventure is best played with a regular Nintendo Switch docked and projected to a television. You need enough room to perform all of the exercises, and a television screen lets you see the content on the screen while you have enough room to move around.

The Switch Lite will show the text and instructions of Ring Fit Adventure, but you'll probably have to squint to see them. If you already know the exercises that it's asking you to do, you can play Ring Fit Adventure while using the Switch Lite's screen as a guide.

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In addition to having a screen too small for Ring Fit Adventure, the Switch Lite doesn't come with a kickstand. That means you'll have to prop it up somehow or purchase a Switch Lite case with a kickstand. Luckily, there are some excellent Switch Lite accessories to help you prop up your Switch Lite.

You'll also need to purchase or obtain separate Joy-Cons, since the Switch Lite doesn't come with them. These can be pricey and hard to find depending on stock levels in stores and online. Also, having to buy Joy-Cons and Ring Fit Adventure with a Ring-Con can end up costing between $160-$200 depending on the current prices of hardware. That's a lot of money to pay for a single game, even if it is quite fun.

However, it can be done. If you want the absolute best Ring Fit Adventure experience you'll want a regular Nintendo Switch. Otherwise, you can buy separate Joy-Cons, prop up your Switch Lite, and play (sort of) on the go.

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