Cappuccino helps you keep an eye on the news you care about most

Keeping up with current events is inherently stressful. To put it very mildly, the world is and has always been a lot, and making sure you're aware of what's going on around you is kind of a big job. If you find that you struggle to stay in the know regarding the issues you care about due to the sheer volume of information out there, you may want to consider switching up your method with a service like Cappuccino.

Cappuccino is an app for iOS, macOS, and watchOS that essentially acts as an mailbox for the news that's most important to you. With Cappuccino, you no longer have to seek out the news you'd check on a daily basis on a jumble of different sites. Instead, articles from sources you trust or related to topics you're interested in are sent directly to your inbox within the app, making checking the news as easy as checking your email (or maybe even easier than that, given Cappuccino's hyper-organized, minimal interface). You can even choose to receive push notifications when new stories come through.

Cappuccino also offers a plethora of organizational features, such as the ability to filter by recent stories, unread stories, and starred stories you've bookmarked for later. If you're looking for new sources to broaden your perspective, you can utilize the app's expanding Discovery section to find new sites to read. And, if you're browsing using Safari and happen upon a site you're really interested in, you can add it to Cappuccino directly from your browser so you can start receiving updates ASAP.

If you're willing to spend a few bucks for an even better experience, you can also sign up for Cappuccino's premium option, which costs $9.99 per year for both iOS and Mac. With Cappuccino Premium, you'll get the ability to change up the app's theme, and can toggle on a dark mode that's a bit gentler on the eyes. You'll also be able to further customize your notifications so you only receive them from specific sources. Perhaps the most fun premium feature, however, is the ability to set the app to send you a condensed press release of all your chosen news — kind of like a little newsletter customized just for you — at a specific time daily.

So, feel that a news app like Cappuccino may be beneficial for you? Try it for yourself by downloading it below.


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Tory Foulk

Tory Foulk is a writer at Mobile Nations. She lives at the intersection of technology and sorcery and enjoys radio, bees, and houses in small towns. When she isn't working on articles, you'll likely find her listening to her favorite podcasts in a carefully curated blanket nest. You can follow her on Twitter at @tsfoulk.