Unread Linked List ScreenshotsSource: Golden Hill Software

What you need to know

  • Popular RSS reader Unread has a big new version 2.7 update out.
  • The new version is better at handling linked lists, giving users the option of what content they'll see when opening a post.

Popular RSS reader Unread has a big new version 2.7 update out, and developer Golden Hill Software has been focusing on how the app handles, and displays, linked lists.

Linked list posts are the ones you find on sites like John Gruber's Daring Fireball, a link to another site with a quote and commentary. Those linked lists and the way they link out to the original content can cause RSS apps some confusion — and users sometimes don't know whether they're reading the linked post, or the content it's linking out to. Unread 2.7 fixes that.

Each subscription now has three different webpage text setting values that can be applied to traditional articles and to linked list articles:

  • Feed Text
  • Webpage Text
  • Both (Feed Text and Webpage Text)

When showing both, Unread will show the article content from the feed and the content from the linked article. When showing just feed text or webpage text for a linked list article, the swipe left menu will include a Feed & Webpage Text option.

Any post that has comments, like Hacker News for example, will also have a link that takes users to those comments should they want to read them.

There are other improvements here, too. Context menus for subscriptions and folders now have an option to mark all items as read, and other improvements throughout the app are based on fixing bugs and improving layouts. The new linked list improvements are the big story here, though.

Unread has long been one of the best iPhone RSS readers, and it's just as good on iPad, too. You can download Unread from the App Store now. It's free with in-app purchases unlocking additional features.

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