Carrot Fit gets a hell of an update

Carrot Fit just got a major update with a brand new 7 Minutes in Hell workout that is designed to help you shed your face-stuffing holiday weight gain.

Carrot is a virtual assistant, not entirely unlike Siri, except it hates humans and loves making fun of us. If Carrot could tap into the world's technology, we'd all be living in the dark right now. Because of its hilariously rude attitude, it is great at motivating people to get in shape. Carrot Fit is an exercise app that pushes you to get in shape using insults, threats, bribes, and the occasional positive reinforcement.

If you are not familiar with the way Carrot Fit works, when you start an exercise session, you are transported to an adventure where your workout produces funny results. In the new 7 Minutes in Hell workout, you'll transport to different times as you try to avoid being pecked to death by ostriches. Oh, and you may or may not be in a situation where punching Justin Beiber in the face will help you.

Carrot Fit got more than just a new workout in the update. It's been completely overhauled with a new look. You can access your workout history easier and your daily weigh-in is just a tap away.

Carrot Fit is also now compatible with Apple Watch, showing heart rate and calories burned while you work out. As is typical with the Carrot line of apps, there is an Easter egg on Apple Watch complication that lets Carrot Weather take over your watch face.

Carrot Fit costs $3.99 with a $1.99 in-app purchase to unlock the workouts.

Lory Gil

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