Array by Hampton's complete smart home accessory line upSource: Array by Hampton

What you need to know

  • Array's first non-security related smart home items announced at CES.
  • Smart lighting includes light bulbs, and light strips.
  • Plugs, switches, and an outlet also introduced.

Array by Hampton is continuing its CES smart home party with its latest offerings that cover the connected home essentials. Announced today, Array has introduced smart lighting options which include staples such as light bulbs, as well as power accessories like smart plugs and an outlet.

Various light bulb sizes on display under recessed light fixturesSource: Array by Hampton

Starting with lighting, Array is introducing a line of light bulbs that connect directly to a home network using Wi-Fi and not a proprietary hub. Available in A19, A21, and BR30 sizes, Array's lighting comes in RGB, white, tunable, and filament variants. The RGB bulbs can produce up to the industry standard 16 million different shades of colors, and along with the tunable series, temperature can be adjusted from 2700K to 5000K.

In addition to light bulbs, the company has also unveiled a range of light strips that work both indoors and out. The light strips will come in 3, 6, and 15 foot sizes, and can be cut to size if needed. Rounding out the lighting announcements were 4 and 6 inch recessed fixtures that utilize a spring clip installation.

Various smart home power products on display on a white backgroundSource: Array by Hampton

Moving over to power, Array has introduced a plethora of accessories coming later this year. Kicking things off are the company's smart plugs, which will come in both single and double receptacle variants. The dual plug version has what looks to be a leather-like gray texture wrapping the unit, with the outlets positioned around each side. Next up is a smart power strip that includes a total of 4 outlets which can be controlled individually, as well as 2 USB ports, which the company states are controlled together.

For in-wall solutions, there will be both standard light and dimmer switch options, each of which include a "night mode" for low light scenarios, and a manual switch override, which sounds like it will be an app setting to lock the physical buttons on the switch. An in-wall smart outlet is also coming, that features one outlet that works with the app, with the other being always on. The outlet also includes 2 USB ports built in, which will be handy for charging phones and other devices.

Array's smart home accessory line will work with the company's app giving users grouping, and remote access capabilities. Every accessory will also work with Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri via Siri Shortcuts support for voice control. Array's accessories will be available starting in April of this year, although pricing has not been announced as of yet.