Mophie Powerstation GoSource: ZAGG/Mophie

What you need to know

  • Mophie has announced its new Powerstation Go.
  • It can wirelessly charge your iPhone.
  • Or jump-start your car.

CES is always a good bet for throwing up an interesting device or two, with the Mophie Powerstation Go being one of the first to catch our eye. See, it's a wireless charger for your iPhone that's attached to a giant battery pack. And that battery pack can jump-start your car, too. And it's available in multiple colors.

I forgot to mention the two USB-A ports, didn't I?

There's a lot going on with this charger but that's a good thing. Charlie Quong, vice president of product, power at ZAGG Brands, says that this thing can even get SUVs back on the road in no time at all. All thanks to a massive 44,400mWh battery pack.

Let's not forget the AC power outlet, too.

The portable jump starter for any SUV or full-sized car additionally features two USB-A ports, an AC power outlet, and Qi® wireless charging for mobile devices and laptops. Lightweight and portable, the powerstation go easily fits inside a bag or glove compartment to provide quick emergency power to any device or car battery.

Color options include Black (Onyx), Blue (Cobalt), Rose Gold (Flamingo), Blue/Purple (Sapphire), Woodland (Camo), and Gold so you'll always be able to make sure yours matches your car.

If all this tickles your fancy you'll be able to pick one up from January 9 via the Mophie website in exchange for $159.95.

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