Make your own Chad rant -- iPhone 4 case give away!

As any of our iPhone live or iPad live podcast listeners know, there's nothing Chad likes better than to get off on a good rant. But this time something has gone tragically wrong -- Chad was frozen mid-rant!

Either his headphone Droid'ed, his antenna de-tuned, or he ducked out for a Lost finale, but any which way you slice it Chad's on hold and we need your help to rant!

Come up with your best, most entertaining, most enlightening, most over-the-top Chad rant and then:

Click here to post it in our iPhone Forum Contest Thread.

If we choose your rant, Chad will read it live during a podcast and we'll post it up on the front page in the show notes. As a thank you, you'll get your choice of colored Talon Hard Shell Case for iPhone 4 or artsy Talon Hard Shell Case for iPhone 4.

(Thanks to cyaaa50, our first contest contest winner -- he'll be receiving the same prize! Want to double your chances of winning, enter your contest idea now!)

Okay, ready... set... RANT ON!


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