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Chain Link is based on the concept of creating as many links as you can and dragging them into the vortex in the middle of the screen without disturbing any other types of links.  The game starts off fairly easy and gets harder pretty quick.  There's also support for OpenFeint to share your scores with your friends and other Chain Link users.  I found the game pretty addicting after a while.  Hit the jump for more screens and a walkthrough.

When you first open Chain Link, you'll be asked to choose a game mode.  The differences are that in easy mode (static), the pieces won't move by themselves.  They stay in one spot, where in arcade mode, they'll move around, making it harder to avoid collisions.  Whenever pieces collide with another piece that isn't a like kind, instead of creating a chain, the pieces that collide will shatter.  You'll also lose one of your lives.  You get 3 lives.  After your third collision, game over.

Besides having regular game play modes, you can also choose timed modes.  The pieces will float up from the bottom and down from the top and you'll have to try and coordinate chains as quickly as possible and drag them to the center.

All in all, Chain Link is a pretty decent game to kill time with.  It gets hard pretty quickly and there's tons of game play modes to keep you busy.  There's nothing more depressing than beating a game you like in a couple days and either having to wait for an update to add more levels or just retiring it altogether.  Especially when it's a game you enjoy.  I don't see this being the case with Chain Link.  There's a lot of different game play options to keep you busy for quite some time. I think adding a few more options and maybe more visually appealing menus could improve the user experience.

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  • Easy to play
  • Lots of game play settings
  • OpenFeint Support


  • Some of the game play modes are a lot alike
  • The addition of more shapes would be welcome in order to make game play just a bit more complex for expert players
  • Main menu is somewhat cluttered

TiPb iPhone 3.5-star rated

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