Anyone who loves fighting games knows the importance of a good fight stick. A good fight stick must be responsive, sturdy, easy to use, and ideally have a nice, long cable. Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch is still new enough that it doesn't have a ton of options in the way of good, compatible fight sticks, and its tiny Joy-Cons just won't do if you want to get seriously competitive. Fortunately, the handful of fight sticks out there are all mostly solid choices for the amount you pay for them and are even compatible with other platforms as well so you don't have to buy a bunch of peripherals for every device you own.

The top of the line: HORI Real Arcade Pro V

Like so many other Hori products, the Pro V prides itself on being officially licensed by Nintendo. It's far and away the most expensive fight stick you can purchase for the console at $150, but it's also the best reviewed. The buttons respond well and the Hayabusa stick (familiar to anyone who has used a Hori fighting stick before) has a great feel to it. The cable is 10 feet long, so you shouldn't have any issues with distance from the console. This is probably the closest you can get to mimicking a proper arcade cabinet in your home.

$150 at Amazon

Fighting stick on a budget: 8Bitdo N30 Fight Stick

This fight stick from 8Bitdo is far cheaper than the Hori . It has an old-school design and only costs $60. Though not nearly as well-reviewed as the Hori, for a third of the price, the N30 is a solid choice with a few more options. It has a wider compatibility range than the Hori. Not only does it work on the Switch and PC, but it's also usable on Mac and Android and can be connected via Bluetooth to capable devices. Also, unlike the Hori, it's easier to mod and customize (likely due to it not being licensed). This is a great choice if you're on more of a budget but want a quality model with wide compatibility.

$45 at Amazon

Midrange price with compatibility: Mayflash F500

The Mayflash has multiple models, and on the more expensive end is the $90 Mayflash F500. It far outstrips even the Hori in compatibility, working with PS4, PS3, Xbox One, 360, PC, Android, and of course, the Nintendo Switch. It also supports headsets but unfortunately not on the Switch. The F500 is larger than the F300 and has a lot more weight to it. The buttons and stick are responsive and easy to mod if you like. Pick this if you don't mind paying a bit more to use one stick across multiple devices, including the Switch.

$90 at Amazon

Budget price with compatibility: Mayflash F300

For those who like the Mayflash but don't necessarily need headset support and want to pay a bit less, the F300 is a good option. It only costs $60, is just as sturdy as its more expensive cousin, and has the same compatibility. Really, the main differences are that the device, on the whole, is smaller and it doesn't have headset support on non-Switch devices. If you're only planning to use the fighting stick for Switch, this is a fine, less expensive choice.

$60 at Amazon

While there are not yet tons of fighting sticks available for the Nintendo Switch, there are enough options that you should be able to find one that suits your needs. I personally favor the HORI Real Arcade Pro V for its excellent feel and responsiveness.

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