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What you need to know

  • Code found in the iOS 14.5 beta suggests that a new financial health feature is coming to the Wallet app.

Code found in the new iOS 14.5 beta suggests that Apple is working on a new financial health feature that will be part of the Wallet app on iPhone.

Discovered by 9to5Mac, the iOS 14.5 developer beta includes a new framework called "FinHealth." While not guaranteed, the name of the framework would suggest that some sort of financial health feature is in the offing.

Further code diving also highlighted "FHSmart Feature," perhaps pointing to some sort of machine learning feature that could allow iPhones to examine a person's spending habits and then make suggestions on how they could save money.

The Apple Card, which itself lives within the Wallet app, already offers features relating to financial health. But not everyone owns an Apple Card and, importantly, the credit card is only currently available in the United States. A feature like this could be made available the world over, allowing more people to benefit from it.

These are early days for the iOS 14.5 beta and it's possible more information will come to light as future beta releases arrive. For now though, we're left reading between the lines at best and reading tea leaves at worst. As ever, time will tell whether this kind of feature makes it to the Wallet app, or not.

Of course, what those of us outside the United States would really like to see is the arrival of an international Apple Card. We can dream, can't we?