Comic: Dear Apple, True Charity Would Be Making iMessage For Android

i cant believe google is killing allo on you. i think this will be my fourth messaging app?

the fourth google texting app?! not counting the ones that actually do end-to-end encryption.

apple should really make imessage for android. you know, im almost ready to forgive them for itunes on window

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Rich Stevens

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  • Tim Cook's answer - get an iPhone...
  • iMessage is a big selling point for Apple, if you were in Tim Cook's position you'd probably be saying the same
  • Security issues. Will NEVER happen.
  • Don't want it. iPhone users get my messages and I get theirs. No big deal.
  • I think most people would feel that way, but options are good. Some people would use it… mostly ex-iOS people. :P
  • I could see it with a reduced feature set. Say, Android can receive special effects, but can't send them. The thing is they added apps. So, what, they link to the App Store? Then there's Apple Pay via iMessage. Would it just give you an error? And let's not forget the elephant in the room: finish macOS iMessage first. In short, Apple could make an iMessage Lite for Android, but that really doesn't help macOS or iOS users. It doesn't give incentive to leave Android. I see why some Android users would like it (options are good); can't see a reason for Apple, its users, or its coders.