Comic: The Real Power Behind Siri Shortcuts

all i had to do was create a bunch of complex workflows in the app and give them short names.

i did the thinking for it ahead of time, and now my phone actually does what i ask.

its amazing what iphones can do without relying on the cloud! THE CLOUD IS ME

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Rich Stevens

Pixel lover and cartoonist. Still have my original Apple IIgs. See more at or follow him on Twitter @rstevens.

  • I have seen people are trying to update their iOS to 11.4 but people are rushing for beta version instead of public, in a forum after discussion I have seen people trying to question regarding the update, but 11.4 beta version will charge $99 a year where else if anyone use public beta version of iOS11.4 then it will be free of cost, I have provided information in this public restricted forum
  • I'm struggling to understand this comment, but 11.4 is the latest stable release of iOS. iOS 12 is currently in beta, and there are 2 methods of accessing it: 1. Public Beta. Anyone can sign up to the Public Beta for free, there is no cost. 2. Developer Beta. The developer beta provides a more updated version of the iOS 12 beta than the Public Beta provides, however this is designed solely for developers, and to gain access to this version you will require a developer license, which is $99 a year. Basically, if you want to try out iOS 12, you should get the Public Beta.
  • So shortcuts are just Automator by another name?
  • Shortcuts is actually Workflow by another name, which is similar to Automator but has a much more user-friendly UI and links with Siri. The only people I've seen who use Automator on the Mac are power-users, because the average user will find Automator a bit overwhelming. The idea behind Shortcuts is that it will expand the targeted audience to your average iPhone user. Also Shortcuts won't be available for macOS Mojave, but I have a feeling at some point they'll develop a Mac version which will become the successor to Automator.