Comic: Why I've already installed the iOS 9 beta

Ed: Welcome to this week's edition of The Pixel Project: a weekly comic from Diesel Sweeties' Rich Stevens on Apple, technology, and everything in-between. Today: The Shifting Sands of iOS Betas

why risk a beta if you dont care about the big new features? : they finally fixed the damn shift key!

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  • His drugs must be wearing off. This one was almost actually a little funny.
  • I think this might be the cutest so far.
  • I've already installed the iOS 9 beta. For an initial developer version, I'm incredibly surprised at how stable it is, and how well it runs. Judging from my iPhone 6, the only issues I encounter performance-wise is the new multi-tasking being kinda funky. The only major bug I've noticed being some misplaced labels / buttons, and some text input boxes functioning kinda wonky (on Grindr for instance).
  • Stable? It's a bug fest on mt 6 plus? Battery draining bout 400%faster, phone and FaceTime calls straight up freeze the whole phone to the point I need to hold power and home to reboot. Text messages won't forward to my other devices and the option has completely disappeared from my settings. Siri randomly starts sometimes when I touch, not press the home button. Other than that it's far more stable in terms of 3rd party apps working flawlessly, which is unusual for an iOS beta Other than the battery drain my iPad Air2 works perfectly though - must be device dependant
  • Wait, I must've missed something from the keynote. What does the shift key do now? Please tell me the default keyboard now has lowercase letters!
  • Yes, the keyboard is lowercase until you press the Shift key. Sounds good to me. Here's a video:
  • This is huge. One is my biggest pet peeves with iOS Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Oh, that's wonderful!!!!
  • I was so happy when I saw that they finally fixed the shift key. It was one of those little annoying things that bugged the hell out of me about the iOS keyboard ever since day one. I noticed it while watching the keynote and shouted, "It's about damn time!" The neighbors probably heard me and wondered what I was on about. lol
  • truly, yesterday was a glorious day.
  • In all my years of iPhone's the shift key and the keyboard was NEVER something I cared or worried about. I got used to that after a few minutes of use. I didn't realize people cared that much about it.
  • I read you loud and clear on this one. It's admittedly a pretty minor thing, but that was one of my favorite improvements in iOS 9, that they finally fixed that damn shift key. I don't think I'll mess with that beta just yet, tho. At least not on my daily-driver phone that I have to rely on.
  • I had this annoyance initially but I've completely gotten used to it now . But good for the new iOS users ... the shift key function won't confuse them at all. Sent from the iMore App
  • It's a nice feature but I stopped thinking about it long ago.
  • This is true. Posted via the iMore App for Android... Because Apple vs. Android does not matter! •iPhone 5, IOS 8.3
    •iPod Shuffle (lol)
    Pebble Smartwatch (No hate! :D)
  • That has to be Leo Laporte.
  • When will it officially release?
  • Now thats what comics are suppose to be like.......FUNNY
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  • When I told my parents about the new shift key, they got really excited about this. Apparently this is an issue with them.
  • good news ! I've got it ! I'll excited update with my ipad air 2 !