Comic: Sympathy For the Green Bubble

ignoring and mocking me for being a GREEN bubble.

ill show those iphone snobs!

hey, where did android andy go? id text him if i knew what app google was making him use now.

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  • I don't deal with green messages. Not because I'm horrible, I just use WhatsApp instead for my Android contacts. SMS is too unreliable for me, and since some people don't reply for a while (busy lives and all) I like to know when the message has been delivered and/or read
  • "I just use ~~WhatsApp~~ Facebook* instead for my Android contacts" *FTFY I'd use Signal, as it's more secure than iMessage, and is what ~~WhatsApp~~ Facebook uses as their backend. More secure than iMessage as you control the keys in Signal, you can validate the person is who they say they are, and no one added an extra person. Can't do that with iMessage. Edit: Thought ~~ ~~ would do strikethrough, guess not.
  • I'd use Signal, but it's difficult to get everyone on it, which is always the problem when you want to use a certain service. Pretty much everyone here has WhatsApp, that's the only reason I use that, otherwise I'd prefer to use something else
  • Did you just show iPhone bias? Google doesn't MAKE anyone use anything. You can use any message app you want. It's not like iOS where you do what Apple makes you and you can't "Think Different".
  • You can use any message app you want on iOS, just not for SMS, but the normal Messages app does SMS perfectly, especially given that functionality has existed since day 1, so I don't know why you'd want another app for that, apart from changing colors