Comic: The Top Four Features We Want to See in iOS 12

The Top Four Features We Want to See in iOS 12

my top feature request is: no new features! just fix whats broken.

please. no new features. zero. remember how much everyone loved snow leopard?

ooh, dark mode! it looks so cool on apple watch.

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  • The most common bug I've seen is when I scroll a folder, sometimes the contents move outside the list. My main thing would be a setting to make the control center toggles be actual switches not temporary.
  • I would definitely like to see some new features in iOS 12, one great one would be dark mode at least for the iPhone X to take advantage of the OLED screen. But yes, definitely the control center toggles should toggle as the user expects them to, so pressing the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth switches should switch them completely off. At least provide this functionality as part of 3D touch
  • That's not a bug, that's an intended feature. I use the WiFi off toggle all the time, and I'm quite happy that it just disconnects me from whatever wifi network I'm at which stopped working (like some of the ones provided by ISPs in town or public places) but automatically connects to my home one when I'm home. Turning off Wifi won't save you a meaningful amount of battery.