Comic: The Unbearable Speediness of iOS 12

oh no. it did what?! for once, upgrading the operating system sped something up!

as someone with a new iphone, that offends me. im sure itll make yours faster, too.

that fails to address the main reason i upgrade my software. you can still lie and say apple forced you to buy a new phone.

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Rich Stevens

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  • Ha! I haven't noticed the speed up on my iPhone 7 yet (not like the speed up from my 6 to my 7 anyway) but it certainly hasn't been running any slower!
    I had been planning to skip the 7s and go for an 8, but Apple tricked me and jumped directly to the 8! The only reason I'm not going after the X yet is because it has exactly the same CPU as the 8. Why pay a premium price for that? Oh, the 'speaker' button on the phone now confusingly says 'audio' and instead of a speaker with sound waves coming out of it, the icon shows a speaker with a sine wave coming out of it!
  • I found that it seems smoother and a little bit faster on my 7 Plus. The animations are definitely smoother anyway.
  • I'm an SE fan, and in lieu of an SE 2, the speed increase has been welcome. Even better that I didn't have to pay for it :)
    Now if only they could improve the camera via update...(steal Google Pixel's secret post-processing sauce?)