Complete list of all leaked Pokémon and evolutions for Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Pokemon Sword and Shield (Image credit: iMore)

Pokemon Sword & Shield Starter Group

Pokemon Sword & Shield Starter Group (Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

It's less than a month away from the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield, but that hasn't stopped several gamers from leaking specific creatures from the Galar region Pokédex. We've collected the names of each of these Pokémon leaks in one place so you can read about them all from one convenient location.

Just keep in mind that since these are leaks, it's possible that some of these are fakes. We'll keep an eye out and will update this section as more pocket monsters are revealed.

There are some serious spoilers ahead! Turn back now if you don't want to know anything about the upcoming game.

We've removed the images from this post due to a cease & desist letter from the Pokémon Company's intellectual property counsel, but you can read all about the new Pokémon and their evolutions below.

All Gen 8 Pokémon Sword and Shield leaks

Grookey evolutions

Grookey's final evolution, Rillaboom, looks like he'd be the leader of the drum section for college football.

Grookey (Grass) ⟶ Thwackey (Grass) ⟶ Rillaboom (Grass)

Sobble evolutions

This slinky water Pokémon ends up looking like some kind of spy.

Sobble (Water) ⟶ Sizzle (Water) ⟶ Intellion (Water)

Scorebunny evolutions

Scorebunny's final evolution looks like he would be the mascot for a sports team.

Scorebunny (Fire) ⟶ Rabboot (Fire) ⟶ Cinderace (Fire)

Wooloo evolutions

These fluffy creatures are too cute. I can see them roaming the hills in the UK-inspired Galar region.

Wooloo (Normal) ⟶ Dubwool (Normal)

Chewtle evolutions

Some think Drednaw's pre-evolution is weird-looking while others find him adorable. Unlike his evolution, he's strictly a Water type.

Chewtle (Water) ⟶ Drednaw (Water/Rock)

Rookidee evolutions

Wondering how the flying taxi got his start? Here's every evolution leading up to Corviknight.

Rookidee (Flying) ⟶ Corvisquire (Flying) ⟶ Corviknight (Steel/Flying)

Galarian Ponyta evolutions

We were shocked to discover that the rainbow-maned Galarian Ponyta was Psychic type and not Fairy type. However, Galarian Rapidash is both Psychic and Fairy type.

Galarian Ponyta (Psychic) ⟶ Galarian Rapidash (Psychic/Fairy)

Machamp (Gigantamax form)

When in his Gigantamax form, Machamp's eyes glow yellow, his arms transform, and it looks like he acquires a pair of leggings.

Machamp (Fighting)

Kingler (Gigantamax form)

This giant crab proves that he's the real sea king with his seafoam armor and ginormous claw.

Kingler (Water)

Yamper evolutions

The queen is sure to be seen with a buzzing number of these electric canines.

Yamper (Electric) ⟶ Boltund (Electric)

Impidimp evolutions

This mischievous fellow jumped straight out of a fairy tale. All three evolutions are Dark/Fairy type.

Impidimp (Dark/Fairy) ⟶ Morgrem (Dark/Fairy) ⟶ Grimmsnarl (Dark/Fairy)

Milcry evolutions

You should never cry over spilled milk, but the cuteness of these sweet evolutions might just move you to tears.

Milcry (Fairy) ⟶ Alcremie (Fairy)


This spikey little guy looks like he just wants to make a friend. He's an Electric-type Pokémon.

Pinchurchin (Electric)

Rolycoly evolutions

These charcoal Pokémon are a great way to allude to England's Industrial Revolution. Fittingly, they're all Rock/Fire types.

Rolycoly (Rock) ⟶ Carkoal (Rock/Fire) ⟶ Coalossal (Rock/Fire)

Coalossal (Gigantamax form)

This fiery fiend looks like he could have single-handedly provided power for a steam engine. He kinda also looks like one of the Titans from Disney's 1997 film, Hercules.

Coalossal (Rock/Fire)

Sinistea evolutions

I'm honestly in love with these spook-tea Pokémon evolutions. They're the ghosts of all the tea you never finished.

Sinistea (Ghost) ⟶ Polteageist (Ghost)

Arrokuda evolutions

Unsurprisingly, these two Pokémon are both Water types. They don't seem like the kind of fish you'd want to swim around, though.

Arrokuda (Water) ⟶ Baraskewda (Water)

Nicket evolution

We've finally learned that these masked foxes are both Dark-type Pokémon. Swiper no swiping!

Nicket (Dark) ⟶ Thievul (Dark)

Galarian Meowth evolution

Look at those mischievous smiles! These little devils look like they're Meowth's viking cousins.

Galarian Meowth (Steel) ⟶ Purrzerker (Steel)

Garbodor (Gigantamax form)

This pile of garbage grows to an enormous size and acquires new refuse including a toy cruise ship and Clefairy doll.

Garbodor (Poison)

Lapras (Gigantamax form)

This gorgeous Pokemon's shell turns into a luxury cruise ship whenever Lapras Gigantamaxes.

Lapras (Water/Ice)

Cufant evolution

These awesome looking elephant Pokémon have some interesting color variation. With all of that muscle, it makes sense that they're Steel types.

Cufant (Steel) ⟶ Copperajah (Steel)

Toxel evolution

I absolutely love this grumpy-looking purple dude and his Spyro-colored evolution. They both sport Poison/Electric abilities.

Toxel (Poison/Electric) ⟶ Toxicity (Poison/Electric)

Galarian Yamask evolution

These Galarian forms of Gen 5 Pokémon still look spooky ooky. Seeing as how they look like artifacts, it makes sense that they're both Ghost and Ground types.

Galarian Yamask (Ghost/Ground) ⟶ Galarian Runerigus (Ghost/Ground)

Hattena evolution

These three beauties all hold Psychic abilities. The final evolution, Hatterene, is also a Fairy type.

Hattena (Psychic) ⟶ Hattrem (Psychic) ⟶ Hatterne (Psychic/Fairy)

Hatterne (Gigantamax form)

When Hatterne Gigantamaxes she resembles a classy lady from the 1800s out for a summer stroll.

Hatterne (Psychic/Fairy)

Silcobra evolution

These snakes are both Ground-type Pokémon. I can't wait to see them in action.

Silcobra (Ground) ⟶ Sandacondra (Ground)

Sizzlepede evolution

No Pokémon game would be complete without a new batch of bugs. These Fire and Bug types will add some new variety to the Pokédex.

Sizzlepede (Fire/Bug) ⟶ Centiskortch (Fire/Bug)

Centiskortch (Gigantamax form)

This fiery looking bug grows to a colassal size and its belly becomes more yellow. Long whisps of fire trail from its face.

Centiskortch (Fire/Bug)

Clobbopus evolution

These sweet new Pokémon are Water and Fighting types. Look how the worried little guy becomes a confident boxer.

Clobbopus (Water/Fighting) ⟶ Grapploct (Water/Fighting)

Snom evolution

Snom nom nom. Ooh, these Pokémon are so cute! They're both Ice/Bug types.

Snom (Ice/Bug) ⟶ Frosmoth (Ice/Bug)

Blipbug evolution

This evolutionary trio are all Bug/Psychic types. It looks like it starts off like a caterpillar and eventually turns into a ladybug Pokémon.

Blipbug (Bug/Psychic) ⟶ Dottler (Bug/Psychic) ⟶ Orbeetle (Bug/Psychic)

Skwovet evolution

D'aww! Look at those chubby cheeks! These Normal-type Pokémon definitely belong in the U.K.-inspired Galar region.

Skwovet (Normal) ⟶ Greedunt (Normal)

Cursola (Galarian Corsola) evolution

This haunting Galarian version is a statement on the current state of the ocean; sad and somber.

Corsola (Ghost) ⟶ Cursola (Ghost)

Galarian Mr. Mime

It looks like Mr. Mime has made some unfortunate life choices to get where he is now. As his cold coloring indicates, he's both a Psychic and an Ice type.

Mr. Mime (Psychic/Ice)

Mr. Rime

This guy looks like he'd either be Mr. Mime's best friend or his bitter rival. As with Mr. Mime, he's also Psychic and Ice type.

Mr. Rime (Psychic/Ice)

Galarian Abra

This is potentially the most iffy leak on this list. If this Abra does exist then we should expect to see updated versions of Kadabra and Alakazam as well.

Galarian Abra (???) ⟶ Galarian Kadabra (???) ⟶ Galarian Alakazam (???)

Galarian Stunfisk

With its bear trap appearance, it makes sense that this version of Stunfisk is Ground and Steel. Just don't step on him!

Galarian Stunfisk (Ground/Steel)


I can imagine this Pokémon turning to me after I've said something stupid and condescendingly saying, "indeed." It's absolutely adorable. It's a Psychic and Normal type.

Indeedee (Psychic/Normal)

Eiscue variants

It seems like there's a different version of this adorable Ice-type penguin depending on which version of the game you have. We're not sure which game either one belongs to at present.

Eiscue (Ice) & Eiscue (Ice)


Stonejourner is likely a Ground or Rock-type Pokémon seeing as how he resembles Stonehenge. We'll update when we learn more about it.

Stonejourner (???/Ground)

Applin evolution

These adorable Dragon types appear to be apple Pokémon. Not gonna lie, I can't wait to catch one of these.

Applin (Grass/Dragon) ⟶ Flapple (Grass/Dragon) ⟶ Appletun (Grass/Dragon)

Appletun (Gigantamax form)

It's kind of hard to tell the details on this blurry image, but it looks like Appletun turns into a carmel apple. Great, now I'm hungry.

Appletun (Grass/Dragon)

Dreepy evolution

This trio of Pokémon each have a head shaped somewhat like a paper airplane. They're each Dragon and Ghost types.

Dreepy (Dragon/Ghost) ⟶ Darkloak (Dragon/Ghost) ⟶ Dragapult (Dragon/Ghost)


This guy might be little, but he's definitely a fighter. You don't want to mess with him.

Falinks (Fighting)

Galarian Darumaka evolution

These appear to be icy versions of the Gen 5 Fire-type Pokémon. Look at those cute features.

Galarian Darumaka (???/Ice) ⟶ Galarian Darmanitan (???/Ice)

Fossil Pokémon

In Sword and Shield, you can choose a top fossil and a bottom fossil. Depending on which ones you choose, you'll get one of these four Pokémon.

  • Dracozolt (Electric/Dragon)
  • Arctozolt (Electric/Ice)
  • Dracovish (Water/Dragon)
  • Arctovish (Water/Ice)


This appears to be the legendary Pokémon for the Galar region. It's possible there are different types between the two versions of the game. They are Ghost and Dragon types.

Eternatus (Ghost/Dragon)

So many new Pokémon!

There you have it. Every Pokémon that's been leaked so far. What do you think? Have we missed any? Do you love any of them? Do any of them seriously disappoint you? Tell us about it in the comments.

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